Improve customer's expierence with IVR

Provide better customer service using IVR and limit the time you put your callers on hold or redirect them.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response
IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Never put your callers on hold again

No one likes to being put on hold. So why make your customers wait until their prayers get answered? Using IVR you’ll be able to sort the callers before they reach you or one of your agents limiting the time you have to put anyone on hold.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Be more professional

While you should never judge a book by its cover, new leads and customers will surely make their judgment as soon as they get in touch with your company. Thus, you should equip yourself with features that tell you’re big and wealthy. IVR besides helping you better serve your customers will also make you look bigger, better, and more professional.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

No more redirects

No agent has all the knowledge required to answer every customers’ query. That’s why, oftentimes, customers have to be redirected to the right department making you and them lose time. With IVR you can redirect every caller to the right department based on their needs, limiting the time you or your agents transfer the calls.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Save your time while producing a greater output

For businesses that rely on calling time is money. Especially the time spent on the phone. With IVR you’ll be able to put the efficiency to the top and make the most out of every second you or your agents spend on calling.

Complex feature, easy setup

It takes less than 3 minutes to add IVR to your account

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