Cheap international calls

Go global while making international calls under low rates and great call quality.

Grow your business by reaching more international clients.

cheap international calls

Enjoy cheap call rates when calling abroad

Get up to 1250 free minutes for each agent per month for calls to more than 120 destinations.

Increase the number of international leads while saving on connection rates. Once free minutes are used cost per minute starts from as low as $ 0.01.

  • USA


    from $0.02/min

  • Brasil


    from $0.01/min

  • UK


    from $0.01/min

  • India


    from $0.02/min

  • Australia


    from $0.04/min

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Pay per second

Pay precisely for as much as your call lasts. With CrazyCall app you carry a cost per second! If your connection lasts for a few seconds, you won’t be charged for an entire minute.

Free incoming calls

We don’t charge you for incoming international calls. We strive for convenience of our clients, therefore, we made sure that your inbound connections are completely free.

Get even more clients by choosing local numbers from more than 75 destinations

One of the best ways to grow your customer base is to start reaching international leads. Cold calling remains one of the most effective methods of lead generation. In order to conduct cold calling campaigns abroad, it’s good to have numbers from different countries. CrazyCall can provide you with an international phone number from 2800+ cities within over 75 countries worldwide. This way, your business can build a local presence anywhere in the world and start to make cheap international calls right away.

Additionally, people are more likely to pick up the phone if they receive a call from the number of their country or a region. Having multiple international phone numbers is a great chance of attracting more international leads!

Each Pricing Plan in CrazyCall includes a package of free minutes which you can use to call international leads and customers from 123 countries around the world. However, the amount of free minutes should be understood as a «soft» limit. Once that «limit» is used up, you can keep making cheap international calls that will be charged at low call rates. Extra minutes start just from $0.01/min!

The call rates for international calls are really affordable. Although all rates are quoted in cents per minute, the calls are charged per second and their length is not rounded up to next minute. There’s no need to pay for an entire minute if your call lasted a few seconds. If you’ve spoken for ten seconds, you pay for ten seconds only. As you might notice, CrazyCall’s affordable call rates enable you to make really cheap international calls.

But not only low call rates stand behind the cheap international calls. High call quality do as well. It’s one of the most important matters which needs to be taken into account when choosing a call center software.

Besides, the incoming international calls are free of charge. Every time a customer abroad needs help, the receiving side doesn’t need to worry about the call rates at all.

Unlimited calls to the United States & Canada*

Make free unlimited calls to the US & Canada and don’t worry about the cost of long-distance communication. Call your leads in Toronto, clients in New York and partners in San Francisco for no cost.

*available in Professional Plan
international calls

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