Call Monitoring

Analyze your data and team performance in real-time by using daily dashboards. Access the set of reports to monitor and increase your team’s efficiency from a chosen period of time.

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call center monitoring

Monitor your team's performance live from daily dashboards

The dashboards allow you to monitor the most relevant metrics of your projects and view the ongoing activity of your agents. Analyze the data of the current day using metrics and statistics, including the number of successful calls, agent’s working hours and closed contacts.

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Generate reports to monitor calls

Use historical data from exportable reports to evaluate performance of your agents. You can download a total of 13 reports, including Success Report, Effectiveness Report and Contacts Result Report. They allow you to analyze and measure performance and other calling trends.

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Ensure future productivity with call monitoring

In order to maintain high-level efficiency and productivity, it’s crucial to analyze and evaluate call center performance. The call center monitoring is mainly important for the company’s strategy to know what works well and which areas require improvement. Call monitoring helps not only to stay on the top of efficiency but also to save business costs and provide the best service to customers.

Call center software has a range of exportable reports which help to perform call monitoring of a call center’s performance. There are thirteen reports and each of them helps to check out the dedicated area. This way, the Success Report allows performing call monitoring of successful calls (they’re marked with success status) made by agents.

In order to get a daily information about numbers imported into the account, one needs to check Contact stats history day by day report. The report helps to perform call monitoring on how many numbers have been exported at the beginning of a day. Additionally, the reports help to check calls’ statuses: scheduled, open, closed, etc.

The Efficiency Report is made to verify agent’s effectiveness throughout the day. The call monitoring within this report also allows you to check the effectiveness during the selected date range.

Except the reports, call center monitoring includes various dashboards which help to get the real-time overview of the most relevant metrics. There is a possibility to analyze call effectiveness, contact rate, hit rate, success rate. Also, you will find the dashboard with successes, working hours, contact attempts and closed contacts.

Additionally, managers can listen to calls in real-time provides even more insights to call center monitoring. Call listening allows verifying whether all agents keep the call quality standards. In addition, it helps to conduct training for less experienced agents and to analyze the efficiency of every conversation. With the wide range of Efficiency Reports and dashboards, it’s possible to perform call monitoring, listen to calls in real-time, analyze data and team performance. Which might be a good contribution to your website.

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