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With a smart callback widget you can effectively turn more web visitors into real customers providing them with a hassle-free way to hear back from you

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Serve your visitors in the right place

Configure your callback widget so that your widget only appears, when someone visits a specific page. Attract and convert your mobile visitors as well - display widget on their smartphones and keep your viewers engaged

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Start in minutes

Get started by adding a couple of lines of a code to your website or landing page. It takes literally 5 minutes to set up

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Connect instantly

Watch your contact list getting fueled with hot ready-to-be-called leads as soon as your visitors submit a callback request

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Close more deals

React fast calling back in no time, engage your visitors on the phone and help them overcome the last doubt before making the sale

Get website calls converted into customers

CrazyCall’s Lead Generation Software is a great solution if you are constantly looking for ways to get more website calls and generate qualified B2B leads. Using this simple tool you can gather leads directly from your website allowing your visitors to request a callback to quickly get in touch with you.

You are free to customize the appearance of your callback widget to develop more visual interest. Playing with the look and feel of boxes, on-click bubbles and Thank You pages inside the Lead Generation Software will help you grab even more visitor’s attention. You have got a variety of ways to make use of, including changing default content-related elements and header, testing different theme colours, choosing the font, its size, etc.

You can also build different combinations of display conditions that you think may appear lead-converting and generate more B2B leads. By default, your callback widget is set to be shown right after it’s properly installed and configured. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t change this auto trigger. You can choose when exactly to fire the widget for website calls, test different options for each creation and see how they affect your visitors’ behaviour.

CrazyCall’s clients who use Lead Generation Software typically place the widget on each page of their websites. But it’s super easy to configure not only when, but also where your specific callback widget appears. When you know on what pages your visitors require in particular your help and more likely to place website calls, you can simply аpply “Display when the current page is..” condition and watch your contact list getting fueled with hot B2B leads.

You can also consider displaying your widget based on user’s device to allow both your desktop and mobile users request website calls and keep them engaged.

Lead Generation Software in CrazyCall is equipped by simple dashboard which provides key information about the activity on your widget, including the number of clicks on the widget bubble, the number of people who have requested a callback and left their phone numbers, the total number of callbacks you’ve made and those successful ones.

lead generation cusomitzation

Customize your widget to capture extra attention

Choose the way your visitors see the callback box. Attract more leads by adding your custom text, testing different colour versions and display the form in your native website language

lead generation rules

Choose the way you engage with visitors

Create your own display conditions. Show your widget immediately or give your user enough time to look around. Choose specific pages where it'll be shown and start collecting your visitors' numbers

b2b leads

Decide where you want to manage your leads

Select what happenes once your visitor completes a request. Manage contact either in the integrated CrazyCall account, or forward them to the 3rd-party tools you already use

lead generation performance

Monitor performance to optimize conversion

Gain immediate insight into the amount of callbacks your visitors request in real time or see how many leads your form has generated over time

Businesses all around the world generate B2B leads with CrazyCall

Piotr Wieczorek,
CEO at Fly on the Cloud

“At Fly on the Cloud we are trying to attract customers through various channels, which is why we have been using callback widget on our website for several months. Implementing CrazyCall pop-ups has allowed us to increase the number of leads we can convert into paying customers. The greatest advantage of this cooperation was the flexibility in creating pop-ups depending on our sales goals.”

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