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Deal with any arising tasks and questions faster and more effectively by joining forces and inviting the third caller to a conversation

conference call

Conference call service is crucial for any business decision-making process. It helps to tackle all the issues effectively in a short time and with little hassle. Conference calling is one of the most effective ways to get a solution in minutes. If there’re several people who are involved in issue resolution, conference call service can be the best option.

Instead of writing e-mails or waiting for responses from multiple people, conference call gathers everybody together and let them deal with the issue here and now. Conference calling allows to invite a specialist from another department and help resolve any arising inquiry immediately.

It’s very easy to organize a conference call within the call center software. When on a phone call, it’s possible to join a third person directly from the call panel. This can be done by simply choosing the «Conference call» button from the toolbar.

The first caller will be on hold until the third caller answers and joins the conference call. Once the recent caller has joined, there will be a brief period of time given, enough to bring the idea of a topic without the first caller being involved. The button «Merge calls» will bring all three to the conference call. The call is finished once the initiator of the conference call hangs up.

Conference calling doesn’t only work well for resolving issues but also for demos where two people need to be involved. In addition, the conference call saves money as it doesn’t involve any travel cost, food or venue costs. Conference calls are more flexible. It’s much easier for all parties to agree on a call time which suits everybody rather than a face-to-face meeting.

Conference calling is the most time saving, quick and effective way to get the answers to the question. Find resolutions to the inquiries with no hassle in no time.

  • Enjoy conference calling from anywhere in the world

    Connect with people no matter where they are. Don’t let the distance to interrupt your efficiency. Tackle any issues promptly by involving another person to the call even if he or she is located in the other part of the world.

  • Stay more effective
    with conference calls

    Discuss important matters and resolve any arising challenges in minutes using a conference call. Invite a person from a different department and have a solution in minutes. Avoid double work of connecting to each person separately.

Bring another person to an ongoing conversation

Add a specialist from another department to an ongoing call. Once in the call, you’ll have some time to brief in a new person without the first one being involved. When pressing «Merge calls» button you’ll be able to start a call and enjoy your conference meeting all three.

conference calls

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