Inbound Calls

Give your customers a better way of solving the issues more effectively and answering their questions on time.

inbound calls
  • Make it easy for your clients to contact you

    Having an inbound call center is crucial to nearly every industry. In urgent cases customers usually don't fill up contact forms neither write emails, instead, they call. Therefore, it's important to be prepared for every scenario.

  • Enjoy a functionality of cloud based inbound call center

    The contact solution allows agents to answer incoming phone calls without leaving a browser. This significantly reduces the waiting time of your customers. Receive a notification of an inbound call and answer it directly from the browser.

  • Take a large or small number of inbound calls

    No matter whether you have a big or small contact base, an inbound call center will help you deal with a whole range of tasks: service support, orders, customer care and any other client’s query by simply taking an inbound call.

Create even better customer experience with international phone numbers & toll-free phone numbers

Inbound call center plays a crucial role in every business that wants to provide their clients with the best customer service. Inbound call center solution makes sure your prospects and customers get a hustle-free way of reaching your company right the moment they need you. Inbound call center primary focus on technical support and customer service.

Originally, an inbound call center was associated with handling communication by large companies in such industries as healthcare, e-commerce, hospitality, governmental services and others. As for now, the number of businesses that want to introduce an inbound call center has increased significantly. This is because companies started to recognize the value of being close to their customers and possibility to answer an inbound call at any time.

No matter whether you have a big or small contact base, an inbound call center will help you to deal with a whole range of tasks: service support, orders and billing processing, customer care and any other client’s query by simply taking an inbound call. Regardless of your company’s size, once your clients have some issues that need to be resolved here and now, they won’t write emails or fill up contact forms, instead they’ll call you. That explains why most of the companies provide 24/7 customer support services with inbound call center solutions, especially when delivering their services internationally.

With the appearance of a cloud-based call center solution, it became easy and affordable as never before nearly to every firm to implement their own inbound call center solution. Cloud-based inbound call center doesn’t require any installation process, allows to take large amounts of inbound calls, can be used right away and what is more, doesn’t cost you a fortune. Especially its attractive for the possibility of integration of the inbound call center with the customer relationship management (CRM), lead management or other tools you usually use.

  • International phone numbers

    Pick phone numbers that are local to your customers and direct calls to your mobile as if you run a business in their home country. Get local and mobile phone numbers from USA, Canada, Brazil and other countries.

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  • Toll-free forwarding

    An inbound call center allows your customers to contact you free of charge. Choose toll-free numbers (888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833) and cover customer’s incoming connection fees.

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