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Expand your business beyond your geographical boundaries by picking cheap local, toll-free and mobile phone numbers from 75+ countries worldwide.

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Choose your first virtual number for free

Select your first virtual phone number for free. Sign up and start making and taking calls from your clients right away

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Take free unlimited inbound calls

Receive calls completely for free. Answer customers' calls at any time of the day, as unlimited incoming calls are included in every plan

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Get free minutes on outbound calls

Get up to 1250 minutes for making calls to your customers each month per user. Extra minutes from $0.01/min







toll-free numbers for your business

Get a low-cost toll-free number and allow your customers to call you free of charge. Forward calls to the number of your choice around the globe. CrazyCall supports 888, 877, 866 numbers and more

Provide help to international clients wherever you go using Call Forwarding App

Buy an international phone number, set up call forwarding and take calls with your mobile phone to ensure all calls are answered

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Choose your virtual phone number to enter new markets

CrazyCall can provide you with an international phone number from 2800+ cities within over 75 countries worldwide. This way, your business can build a local presence anywhere in the world, regardless of the location. You are free to use a virtual phone number to make outbound and receive inbound calls from your leads and customers. There is no need to wait for payment acceptance to start calling, since the first international phone number you get is FREE. Whenever you decide to expand your global presence and reach even more international customers, you can buy a phone number. Prices start just at $4 per month!

You can either choose a local phone number or mobile phone number to bring your business closer to your customers and significantly increase your contact rate when making calls. Providing a local phone number to your potential and existing clients will greatly strengthen their trust, therefore, enhancing the number of inbound calls you will get. If you consider purchasing a mobile phone number, you can maximize the chances of catching your prospects and customers on phone as well.

You can buy a phone number from different countries and start using them immediately. Once purchased, you can manage your international phone number in your account by adding label and configuring inbound settings. You’re also free to set up call forwarding and take calls with your mobile phone (or any other you might use) to ensure all calls are answered wherever you go.

Inbound calls from anywhere around the globe to your international phone number are completely free in each of CrazyCall’s Pricing Plans, so you can answer customer calls at any time of the day. There is also no limit to the amount of virtual international phone numbers you can add to your account in CrazyCall.

Just in case you don’t find a virtual phone number from a desired country, we recommend you to pick a USA phone number. Based on our customers’ experience, it could have an impressive impact on your business branding! Or you can always add your existing international phone number if you have already been using one for business purposes.

local phone numbers

Local phone numbers

Increase your contact rate by picking phone numbers that are local to your customers. Get local numbers from 75+ countries worldwide, including USA, Australia, Brazil and other

mobile phone numbers

Mobile phone numbers

Get a cheap mobile phone number and use it as your business phone. Make and take calls from your customers directly in your browser, or forward incoming calls to your actual number

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