Call Recordings

Improve call quality and customer experience by monitoring and analyzing calls with leads and clients. Keep track of important calls and conduct proper trainings with the call recording application.

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Ensure the highest call quality with call recordings

Call recording software allows to record inbound and outbound calls between agents and clients. The recording of every call is saved to manager’s panel and can be accessed within several seconds after it ends. There’s an option to listen to recorded calls right away or download and play it back at own convenience. Call recording software is a helpful tool for businesses of any size as it helps to maximize the effectiveness of company’s sales and marketing departments significantly.

The sound quality is one of the most crucial fundamentals of a successful call. The call recording software allows to verify a call quality, to tackle an issue and solve it instantly. The call recording app helps to make sure that all the quality standards are met by giving a possibility to listen and analyze recorded calls.

Call recording software gives a great possibility to stay one step ahead of clients’ needs. By analyzing recorded calls, it helps to find out what else can be done in order to increase customers satisfaction even more. Call recording app allows to better understand clients’ needs and learn what other benefits a solution they use can grant them with. Call recording app resolves any arising issues in minutes. Even though agents make all possible to avoid any kind of misunderstanding between them and their clients, confusions still arise from time to time. In order to tackle it fast and effectively, the best is to refer to recorded calls and listen to a conversation entirely. Call recording software allows referring to the recorded calls any time the solution is needed.

Additionally, call recording software has an option of live listening. It allows listening to a current call between an agent and a client without interrupting both parties. Live listening is a perfect tool when it comes to training your newcomer agents who still require some assistance from more experienced ones. Thanks to a call recording software newcomers will always have a chance to get a proper training prior the real-life experience.

Download call recordings directly from the app
  • Use call recording for training your agents

    Use call recording for test calls between beginner and experienced agents. Ensure your Junior agents have a clear understanding of a proper call procedure before the real-life experience.

  • Improve even further with call recordings

    Check the progess and success of your beginner and senior agents. Implement changes if necessary and make sure your agents always meet the quality standards.

  • Get deeper insights to your customer needs

    Receive a profound understanding of what more your leads and clients need from your solution. Listen to conversations between your agents and customers.

Listen to calls in real time

Listen to conversations between your agent and a client in real time. Whether you're conducting a practical training for your newcomer or would like to assist your agent in any other way you can easily do it with live listening option.

Live listening feature available on the main dashboard

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Ensure the highest call quality with Call Recordings