Call Transfer

Demonstrate an exceptional customer service to your clients by transferring an ongoing call to a corresponding person or department without making them search for a correct contact themselves.

call transfer

Call transfer, or a call routing, allows agents to transfer an ongoing call to a corresponding person or department. When an agent has not enough knowledge to answer a customer’s question or authority to make the decision, the call routing can help him out.

Call transfer is also extremely useful when a customer incoming call goes to the wrong agent or completely wrong department by mistake. In this case an agent can easily route the call to the right person who’s more likely to provide an accurate information and assist this customer on the phone.

In CrazyCall making a call transfer takes literally a minute. All you need to do is to select the «Transfer Call» option during the conversation and specify the external number you want to transfer the ongoing call to. This one simple action gives you a chance to provide potential and existing customers with greater experience and get over significant potential revenue loss.

The call transfer can be completed during both inbound and outbound calls without even notifying the other caller. However, before the call routing it’s better to make sure whether another agent is available or not. If you make a call transfer, and the agent on the other end can’t take a call at the moment, then the call will be dropped.

If you’re making sales calls and deal with customers’ queries using a CrazyCall’s power dialer you can speak with the agent to which they are routing the call, before you complete the call transfer. The callers are placed on hold at this time. It is considered good practice to introduce the customer’s issue to your colleague and provide any extra information that might be helpful, so the client won’t be forced to reintroduce himself and explaining his problem once again. This will significantly speed up the process of finding the solution. Once you confirmed that the transfer was performed successfully, you can hang up.

Enjoy convenience of the Call Transfer

Provide your customers with an effortless way of solving their requests. Instead of making them search for the right contact when they mistakenly reach you, prove your professionalism and transfer the call to a respective agent.

Use Call Routing to save time

Why wasting yours and your client’s time?
Stop explaining that they’ve contacted the wrong person, spend it on solving their query instead and transfer the call to a responsible department.

calls routing

Make a warm call transfer

Make sure the receiving agent is available when transferring the call. While a customer is on the hold, shortly introduce the issue to your colleague, speeding up the process of finding the resolution. Ensure the transfer is successful and your customer receives an appropriate care.

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