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Make it easy for your leads and customers to reach you anytime at no cost. Choose a toll-free number, complete with call forwarding and answer customer calls whenever you go

toll-free numbers

CrazyCall can provide you with a low-cost toll-free number to help you increase the total number of calls from customers. This way, your business can offer both potential and existing clients a free way to call you, which could become another reason to contact you.

You are free to use a toll-free number to make outbound and receive inbound calls from your leads and customers. How to get toll-free number to encourage your customers to call you? It takes a few minutes to sign up and choose a toll-free number. There is also no need to wait for payment acceptance to start making and taking calls, since the first toll-free number you get for FREE.

To date, you can choose 833 number, 844 number, 855 number, 866 number, 877 number or 888 number. As previously mentioned, the fist toll-free number is free of charge, whatever number you decide on. Whenever you decide to expand your business and reach even more international customers, you can buy one more toll-free number. Prices start just at $4 per month!

You can get a 833 number, 844 number, 855 number, 866 number, 877 number or 888 number and start using them immediately. Once selected, you can manage your toll-free number in your account by adding label and configuring inbound settings.

You are also free to set up toll-free forwarding and take business calls with your mobile phone (or any other you might use) to ensure all calls are answered wherever you go. This way, you can greatly reduce the number of missed incoming calls and get over significant potential revenue loss. All it takes is to select a toll-free number and specify the number you want to forward incoming calls to. If you consider placing toll-free number on your website, thanks to toll-free forwarding you’ll be able to answer calls from you visitors on the phone you're used to.

What’s more, toll-free forwarding allows you to receive all business calls on the same phone no matter how many toll-free numbers you chose and are going to forward to your mobile. Whether you have one 833 number or several toll-free numbers (i.e. 844 number, 855 number, 866 number, 877 number and 888 number), you can still forward all incoming calls to a single number and answer them with one cell phone.

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Get a low-cost toll-free number and give your customers one more reason to call your business free of charge

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Local phone numbers

Increase your contact rate by picking phone numbers that are local to your customers. Get local numbers from 75+ countries worldwide, including USA, Australia, Brazil and other

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Mobile phone numbers

Get a cheap mobile phone number and use it as your business phone. Make and take calls from your customers directly in your browser, or forward all incoming calls to your actual number

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