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Keep your conversations organized and stay more confident during the call to bring your cold calling to another level.

Create personalized call script which will become a shoulder to lean on when cold calling your leads.

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Discover how call scripts can fit every agent

A cold calling script is a helpful hand for beginner and advanced sales reps. It’s a perfect tool to train new salespeople as it helps to construct and adjust their conversations. For experienced sales reps, it’s a handy tool to improvise around and be ready for any kind of situation.

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Sales call script

A call script is considered to be one of the most important call center tools when it comes to making outbound and handling inbound calls. Fortunately, CrazyCall provides a great opportunity to create one. In our sales call script creator managers can add questions and create sales and cold call script, which will provide agents with helpful prompts during the phone conversations. Having such reminders at hand, they’ll be able to respond fast and effectively to any challenges as they arise.

CrazyCall’s cold call script creator is simple and easy-to-use. Apart from different types of questions (open, yes/no and single/multiple-choice) agents can pick a date and time from a calendar directly in the sales call script. Thus they’ll confirm a day upon which meeting or another form of arrangement was agreed. Each of them can be marked as required, meaning that the agent has to insert an answer in the call script to proceed.

Actually, there are more ways how a sales call script can help call center agents be more effective in their efforts.

First of all, it will let agents keep the ongoing conversation organized. In this way agents can focus on the key factors, without having to worry what they need to say next. As a result, cold call script allows agents to stay focused on what matters most, i.e., carrying out a survey, arranging an appointment or closing a sale.

Secondly, a proper cold call script helps agents handle customers’ objections and navigate the conversation to the most favorable outcome. Call scripts also might be useful for new call center agents helping them hit all the key points quicklier.

It’s important to remember that a sales call script should be subject of a constant change, it can evolve over time in order to bring better results. That’s why it’s useful to have an editable cold call script creator.

To sum up, building a cold call script is a great idea, as it will help agents be more confident and persuasive during your calls to leads and customers.

Enjoy the destruction-free interface

Your agents stay fully present during the conversation since the call panel consists only necessary features. This way they are able to entirely focus on the call with a prospect. The tools are there to assist your agents instead of distracting them.

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Always have an answer ready with call scripts

Take the most from a script builder by customizing it precisely to your needs. Set conditions to diversify your questions and answers even more. Anticipate possible answers to your questions and plan your next move way ahead. Don’t get distracted by a rejection, instead, be ready to react accordingly when hearing «No».

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