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Boost productivity with a handy call widget that automatically detects phone numbers on the web, making it easy to make calls without leaving the browser. No more copy-paste!

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Get the most out of CRM integrations

Equip your sales team with a click to call widget that works perfectly with your CRM. Focus their efforts on making instant calls by simply clicking phone numbers and closing deals faster

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Call widget to save your time

CrazyCall’s call widget is a Click to Call browser extension for Chrome, which is extremely easy to install. You can download it directly from Chrome Web Store. Once installed and configured, it automatically identifies and highlights all the phone numbers inside the Google Chrome browser and turns them into clickable links with a CrazyCall icon. Clicking on such a link will open call widget and the number can be called right away.

Click to Call replaces manual dialing, making it a perfect solution for small businesses that place several calls a day. But if you interact with leads and customers using a CRM and make countless calls every day, you can benefit twice over. For one thing, CrazyCall’s Click to Call widget works seamlessly with Pipedrive, Hubspot and other web-based CRMs. It can be used as a simple add-on, making it easy to initiate calls with just a click on a contact. For another, call widget saves agents a lot of time and hassle therefore boosting their productivity.

This simple call widget is one of the easiest solutions to quickly get in touch with your leads and customers. And you don’t have to manage contacts in CRM to use it. With Click to Call you can place outbound calls from any web page, email, contact list or any other source of contacts opened through the Chrome browser without having to copy and paste numbers to other telephony solution.

Click to Call widget can be configured to detect phone numbers provided without country codes. Let’s say, you’re running a local business in the United Kingdom. By setting +44 as a default prefix, call widget will identify UK phone numbers even if they’re written without these first dialing digits. This way it’s even easier to initiate calls without leaving a browser.

For maximum productivity, you can combine Click to Call widget with CrazyCall Call Center Software and make instant calls clicking phone number you import to your account. What’s more, you can also take inbound calls directly in the call widget leaving the browser open, manually enter the numbers you wish to call, review the entire call history and more.

click to call widget

Up and running in 5 minutes

Install Click to Call widget from Chrome Web Store and start making calls right away. It doesn’t require any configuration. You can turn it on and off at any time.

click to call widget

Make calls by clicking numbers on the web

Save time making quick calls directly from a web page you’re currently on.

Call your leads and customers by simply clicking the hyperlinked phone numbers which are highlighted and visible on the webpages.

click to call widget

Take inbound calls while leaving the browser open

Improve customer experience by immediately responding to all of your inbound calls.

Get notified and answer calls on the go - there is no need to open another tab or log into the software.

click to call widget

Review the entire call history

Check your call history for the recent contacts kept in your account.

See who and when has called you recently to add a caller’s number to your contact list.

View missed calls and easily call your customers back by clicking on their numbers.

click to call widget

Always appear local to your customerss

Purchase multiple numbers from different countries and make each call a local one.

Call US customers using New York number, and one minute after present a local French prefix while calling leads from Paris.

Significantly increase your contact rate by turning on ‘Phone Number Mapping’.

Increase your contact rate with international phone numbers

Choose local and mobile phone numbers from 75+ countries worldwide
or add your existing business number

international phone numbers

Businesses all around the world benefit from CrazyCall

Cristi Horga,
Online Marketing Specialist at Proper Graphics & Adds

"Great platform for making calls with all the features you need to set up your own call center business. What I love the most about CrazyCall is that agents can handle calls on multiple projects at the same time!"

Stevie Brooks,
Founder & CEO at CloudCustom

“CrazyCall really excels at automating the calling process and providing an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to set up and run calling campaigns.”

Jan Bilyk,
CEO at Laurens Coster

"CrazyCall works perfect with marketing automation suites. Flexibility and very precise reporting, so every single stage can be monitored."

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