"Since we've started using CrazyCall, we haven't experienced any hidden costs and charges. More than that, we've cut our costs by 40% compared to the other call center solutions"

Mateusz Brzeski, Contact Center Manager at Contact Solutions


Contact Solutions is an outsourced contact center that helps companies carry out effective customer service and sales process. They have also established themselves as a reliable provider of backoffice services necessary to improve business efficiency.

Over the years Contact Solutions has been helping their clients handle outbound and inbound services, such as cross and upselling of products and services, telesales, post-sales support service, technical support etc.

As a bit-time player on the local Polish market, Contact Solutions always makes sure to provide quick and qualified services using the most innovative and advanced tools.

conversion rate on low‑interest projects
savings on licenses compared to other tools


Call center outsourcing and backoffice services

Pain points

  • Businesses which outsource their services to one of the most reliable providers of the outsourced call center services believe they receive an all-inclusive customer experience. At Contact Solutions, they always strive to take care of all the customer issues and ensure the highest project performance. And that’s exactly what gives them a unique position on the market. “We do our best to deliver the proper level of service to our clients, and we expected the same from the solutions we take use of”, said Mateusz Brzeski, Contact Center Manager at Contact Solutions.
  • Contact Solutions has researched and considered dozens of competing tools to determine the one which meets their business needs most. What the team needed first of all, was simple and easy-to-use user interface allowing to handle calls without pain.
  • Before Contact Solutions decided to use CrazyCall, they focused mainly on the call quantity. That forced agents to use a progressive dialer and was accompanied by the complex panels full of useless features. “From the very beginning we were looking for a tool that would help us do our work more efficient, not the tool that takes our time away. Our industry is known for a high employee turnover, meaning that our managers have to train new agents over and over again. We can’t ignore this fact picking out the software upon which our workflow has been built. We needed an application which required just a few minutes for agents to look around before they start working with it”. In CrazyCall both managers and agents found what they were looking for - simple and intuitive platform with transparent pricing.


Since day one, the whole team of Contact Solutions has been pleasantly surprised with a 5-minute setup. “Since the switch, we've simply forgotten about the long software implementation and countless updates. Furthermore, we didn’t have to do any extra trainings for our newcomers as getting started with CrazyCall is really simple and agents are able to get up and running within half an hour”, explains Brzeski.

“Originally, we had doubts about power dialer and its efficiency throughout our outbound projects”, Contact Center manager shares his thoughts. “Previously, when we used a progressive dialer, we put a great attention on the number of outbound calls our agents made per day. We focused on the quantity, which had nothing to do with the quality of our calls. To be short, the call performance left much to be desired.”

“Getting started with CrazyCall is really simple and agents are able to get up and running within half an hour.”

At that point Contact Solutions decided to review their Key Performance Indicators. As expected, after switching to the CrazyCall’s power dialer success was almost immediate. “Our success rates are consistently growing and now even low-interest projects we close with the 6-7% conversion rates”.

Using the REST API, Contact Solutions is able to pull and push data between accounts, integrate them with the third-party tools they benefit from so far. Contact Center manager also highlighted the CrazyCall’s reports, which can be easily downloaded at any time they need. “Thanks to the downloadable reports we save a great deal of time, since we no longer need to ask our analyst to generate them for us”.

What’s more, CrazyCall’s support proved that fast response is a door to an excellent customer experience. “We highly appreciate prompt replies as time is money for us. And wasted time, in our case, means potential losses. Support does his best to solve each reported problem and suggested the best solution to any issue we encountered, “ said Brzeski. “Special thanks to Szymon!”.


The first and immediate benefit of CrazyCall implementation was total time saved on managing and calling up the contact lists. “CrazyCall’s API, advanced reports that can be downloaded directly from the manager panel and 24/7 support offer tremendous time-saving opportunities. We gained a lot along the way, since all that allowed our team to broaden the capacities and perform more actions on our own.”

“Thanks to the downloadable reports we save a great deal of time, since we no longer need to ask our analyst to generate them for us”.

Thanks to CrazyCall, Contact Solutions has realized significant financial benefits as well. The company reduced their license costs by 40% compared to the other call center solutions. “Since we’ve started using CrazyCall, we haven’t experienced any hidden costs and charges. From the very beginning we know for what and how much we pay,” Brzeski explained. As for now, Contact Solutions has 10 CrazyCall licenses, so the opportunity to use such a helpful tool at the lowest price seems to be very beneficial.

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