Auto Dialer

Maximize the efficiency of your agents by automating the outbound calls with our Power Dialer.

If you're looking to replace the manual dialing system with an auto dialer solution, you've come to the right place.

Increase the number of outbound calls

A power dialer is an intelligent technology that connects leads with agents allowing them to focus more on live connections instead of manual dialing. The phone dialer helps to increase the number of outbound calls and spend less time to place them.

Gain the full control over reaching your leads

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Auto-schedule your calls

You may define the number of attempts your agent can have to reach prospects. This way a failed contact will be auto-scheduled several times until it's reached or will be removed from the queue completely.

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Set time between calls

In addition, you can set up an exact time your agents will have between each call. All it takes to start using the auto dialer is to upload your prospect's contact list file.

The Power Dialer keeps your agents focused

An auto dialer allows reaching more leads and customers in less time by automating outbound calls. Thanks to the auto dialer agents significantly reduce time spent on making the same amount of calls as if they were dialing phone numbers manually. With a power dialer they focus more on live calls with leads and customers rather than on deciding what their next outbound call should be. Besides saving time on manual dialing, the solution lets your agents stay fully present for a duration of the entire outbound call thanks to a well-organized call panel.

What are the benefits of the Auto Dialer?
The power dialer grants agents the full control over the outbound calls. The interface of the auto dialer is built in a way that minimizes any possible distractions and allows them to fully focus on the outbound call with leads and clients. The call panel of the phone dialer allows to set exact time agents might have between the current and the following outbound call. During this time it is possible to make important notes, set a call’s status, check client’s contact details, and prepare for the next outbound call without the need to leave the auto dialer. After a certain time, the power dialer will dial the next number from the list automatically. When a person doesn’t pick the phone up, the power dialer will auto-schedule the next attempt. The auto dialer allows to defining how many attempts there might be.

Why you need CrazyCall Auto Dialer?
The phone dialer is especially effective when the cost of not reaching your leads and clients is high and it’s important to make as many successful outbound calls as possible. The auto dialer helps to conduct fundraising, telesales, warm calling, and other sales campaigns effectively. The power dialer helps to fulfill the main goal of outbound campaigns which can be setting an appointment or making a sale. The phone dialer helps to increase the number of outbound calls decreasing the time of placing them.

phone dialer
phone dialer

Create a customized script to help conduct a constructive conversation with a prospect. Avoid any possible confusion by having ready answers for any kind of situation.

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Be aware of who you’re talking to. Access contact’s details directly from the call panel without the need to open any additional files.

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Your agents may give an appropriate status to their inbound and outbound calls. You'll be able to see the overall status of a call without the need to go deep into details.

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A prospect you are calling to is not available at the moment? Not a problem at all! Simply reschedule the call choosing the date and time. It’ll be then added to the queue and dialed automatically.

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Need to escalate case to other department? No worries, you'll be able to easily transfer the call to any phone number.

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Have you decided to invite another person to the call? Simply click the ‘Conference call” button and enjoy the roundtable.

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