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CrazyCall is a browser-based software that helps call centers and contact centers reach more prospects, monitoring agents' activity, and close sales faster

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Get to know CrazyCall call center software

As a call center software, CrazyCall simplifies the communication with international leads and customers, making it more effective and affordable. There is no need to invest a fortune in infrastructure or technical setup, since it takes just a few minutes to sign up and explore a call center software. Perfect for call and contact centers of all sizes, it greatly assists in running outbound campaigns and taking inbound calls. Businesses also use call center software to handle marketing, sales and customer service calls, as a browser-based solution replaces them outdated wired headsets. Unlike other complex business phone systems, call center software designed by CrazyCall is rich in intuitive features that are still easy to use.

When running a telesales, telemarketing or any other outbound calling campaign, the auto dialer will help agents perform calls much quicker. The power dialer as an integral part of CrazyCall call center software speeds up and simplifies the outbound calling. Managers can add international numbers from numerous countries, so agents will appear local when making calls. A mobile or local phone number from more than 75 countries worldwide will help to build the trust necessary for the calls to be answered.

Taking inbound calls in call center software also looks a lot easier in comparison with a traditional way. Besides that, call center agents get much more flexibility and can use call transfer to divert the ongoing call to other person or department or initiate conference calls to solve customer issues faster.

Both inbound calls as well as outbound performed through the auto dialer are recorded and saved in the call center software. Managers can then listen to call recordings to make sure their agents handle calls in the right manner or simply check the call quality. To get a real-time overview of the most relevant call metrics managers can also resort to call monitoring.

CrazyCall call center software additionally has advanced features, including call script, live listening, integrations and provides toll-free numbers to even more automate the outbound and inbound call flows and increase their efficiency.

auto dialer Auto Dialer

Speed up call campaigns by making automated outbound calls. Easily import new contacts to your database and call them immediately

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call recordings Call Recordings

Review the quality of every conversation. With our call recordings and live listening, you can learn more how your agents are performing and use that knowledge to train your employees

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toll free numbers Toll-Free Numbers

Get a low-cost toll-free number and give your customers one more reason to call you free of charge. Forward calls to the number of your choice around the world

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inbound calls Inbound Calls

Add value to your customer support efforts, solve issues and respond to queries directly in your browser. Get notified each time somebody calls you and reduce the waiting time of your customers

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call monitoring Call Monitoring

Monitor and analyze your call performance with daily dashboards. Generate various reports to access historical data and see number of successes, average working time and more

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conference calls Conference calls

Invite a third person to join a conversation and come to an agreement much quicker. Speak to both parties simultaneously and close deals faster

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call transfer Call transfer

Provide a great customer experience from the get-go. Help your customers reach the right person by transferring them to another number while on a call

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call script Call script

Create scripts for every occasion. Prepare well-thought-out and logical questions to touch all key points and keep your conversation organized

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Increase your contact rate with international phone numbers

Choose local and mobile phone numbers from 75+ countries worldwide
or add your existing business number

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Call centers all around the world benefit from CrazyCall

Karol Ślężak,
CEO at Call Center Dynamics Sales

“Webinars scheduled by using CrazyCall led to signing extra licensing agreements, bringing the amount of more than 10.000 euro.”

Stevie Brooks,
Founder & CEO at CloudCustom

“CrazyCall really excels at automating the calling process and providing an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to set up and run calling campaigns.”

Tomasz Kaszuba,
Chief Operating Officer at Call Center Inter Galactica

“CrazyCall rapidly improves efficiency and increases profits. The advantage is two-fold: better results achieved at lower cost.”

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