Cloud Telephony Feature Tour

Inbound and Outbound phone calls & lead capture for websites that sell.

Start calling Leads & Clients in seconds

Enjoy easy setup and call your contacts directly from your browser. CrazyCall & its browser extension can be ready in no time and allow you to manage all aspects of business telephony.

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  • No Installation or Technical Setup
  • Create a Project & Start Calling Within Minutes
  • Call from Your Browser Wherever You Are
  • Choose Phone Numbers You’re Identified By
  • Assign Your Own Business Number
  • Use Flexible Automatic Dialer or Single Call
  • Intuitive Call Panel
  • Call Script Builder
  • Schedule Calls
  • Add Rules to Manage Your Call Queue
  • Set Time Before Call
  • Run Multiple Outbound Projects

Help Your Customers When They Need It

Receive calls from your leads and clients directly in your CrazyCall app and browser extension. Solve issues, respond to queries and improve customer experience. Set what happens to your call when your team can’t pick it up.

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  • Take Incoming Calls In Your Browser From Anywhere in the World
  • Use Call Blending For Improved Productivity
  • Add Inbound Call Statuses & Contact Notes
  • Forward Calls to Mobile or Landline
  • Decide What Happens When You Can’t Pick up the Call
  • Register All Incoming Calls
  • Live Listening & Recordins for Every Inbound Call

Take Your Business Beyond Borders

Make global sales and serve international clients. Choose phone numbers from over 60 countries that always appear local. Watch how your contact rate takes off. Enjoy competitive international call rates with 1000 free minutes every month for each of your team members.

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  • Make & Take Calls in Your Browser
  • Access Your Projects & Data From Anywhere in the World
  • Get 1000 Free Minutes of International Calls Every Month
  • Identify Yourself by Local Phone Numbers You Choose
  • Automatically Match the Number You’re Identified By To the Country You’re Calling
  • Competitive International Connection Rates
  • Excellent Sound Quality

Manage Your International Teamwork Effortlessly

Have all your projects always at hand, no matter where you are. Easily manage and supervise the work of your agents, even if they’re dispersed around the globe. Check your team’s progress without interruption, from whichever place you’re currently located.

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  • Collaborate on Your Projects Easily Wherever You Are
  • Add and Manage User Roles
  • International Call Live Listening & Recording
  • View Agent Comparisons
  • Use Live Dashboards for Every Campaign
  • Get Real-Time Reports
  • View and Manage Your Global Contact Database

Grow and Refine Your Contact List

Use the CrazyCall browser extension to easily add new phone numbers to your contact database, e.g., the one in your CRM. Add a meaningful status to every contact so you and your team can always pick up right where you previously left off.

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  • Integrate with Your CRM via Zapier
  • Easily Import Contact Lists
  • Click To Add Numbers
  • Use Pop-ups to Create New Contacts
  • View All Contact History
  • Add Call Status
  • Write Notes on Your Contacts

Generate More Leads & Opportunities

Get up to 20% more inbound leads by using highly targeted, automated pop-ups displayed on your website. Match your users’ needs. Ask them to leave their phone numbers and immediately observe how your database gets fueled with hot and qualified leads.

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  • Customize the Look and Feel of Your Pop-Ups
  • Add & Adjust Multiple Display Rules
  • View Lead Generation Analytics
  • Use Visitor Tracking
  • Call Your Leads Immediately Or According to Your Call Queue Rules
  • Add a Status or Note During the Call

Get Insights & Optimize Performance

Get up to speed on your projects with live dashboards and reports. Listen to your agents as they speak with contacts and use that knowledge to improve your overall service. Evaluate and enhance the quality of each and every conversation with call recordings.

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  • View Live Dashboards for Every Project
  • Get and Download Your Reports in Real-Time
  • Live Listening
  • Call Recording
  • Dynamically Adjust Your Project Settings
  • Edit and Refine Your Call Script As You Go

Secure What Matters Most

Your data is always easily accessible and secure with our robust cloud infrastructure. All sensitive information is encrypted, so you know it’s safe. You can add additional layers of protection with access restriction and advanced settings.

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  • SSL Encryption
  • Access Restriction
  • 2-Step Verification
  • AWS Security Compliance
  • AWS Data Privacy Compliance