What type of salesperson are you?

Discover your own sales personality type and identify your strengths with our three-minute test.
Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!

What type of salesperson are you?

Discover what type of salesperson are you! But for the most reliable results, please make sure you answer the questions the way you feel. Just be aware that there are no good or bad answers. Each and every type of salesperson has its advantages and certain drawbacks, but that’s what actually build your sales personality. This way you can easily gain insight into what salesperson you are and where your sales skills and ambitious might take you. Once you finish, you’ll learn your sales personality instantly!

What’s a salesman definition in the current decade of the 21st century?

A salesman definition has changed over time. Today’s professional salesperson is equipped with advanced tools and solutions which give him much more advantages over the average salespersons who still make use of old-fashioned door-to-door sales methods. The sales professionalism of modern salespersons allows them to maximize their efforts, constantly improve their sales skills leading to an increased number of closed deals and enhanced customer experience.

How life of a salesman looks like?

Life of a salesman might seem frustrating for some and awesome for others. Some of salespersons have no working schedule at all and each their working day differs from previous. Still, the majority of salespersons spend hours in the offices sending business emails, talking to leads clients over the phone and going to meetings. But no matter the industry the salesman is involved in and the type of salesperson he is, the best thing in life of a salesman is receiving a positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Is there a single formula to become a top-notch sales personality?

It’s hard to imagine a fir for all formula that guarantees success for each and every type of salesperson. Nowadays, salespersons should be also engaged in marketing and customer service. That would make them involved into each stage of the buying cycle. If you’re striving to sales professionalism, you should also track your performance and always keep an eye on the sales metrics, including the contact and success rates, your follow ups, etc.

How can an average salesperson improve his sales skills?

There are some simple ways each sales personality can improve and practice his sales skills. First, record your conversations with leads and clients. It’s a terrific helpful tool when it comes to analyzing your conversations, extract lessons and use them for your future improvement of your sales skills. Another thing is public speaking which could lead to tangible results. You can attend some classes where you’ll be trained to pick the right words and use them in the right situations.

Is it possible for a person with a quite poor salesman resume skills ever achieve a sales professionalism?

Why not? All professional salespersons are non-stop learners who constantly sharpen their sales skills and you should either. In order to feel confident and avoid stress when contacting clients, start with practicing your presentation skills. No matter what type of salesperson are you, you may have difficulties dealing with angry and unsatisfied customers. Being prepared by practicing your sales skills, you have better chances to manage stress effectively.

What sales skills each salesperson should have?

Although there’s no single list of the exact sales skills each salesperson must have, there’re some common ones which most of salespersons share. Those who are eager to learn constantly, improve and develop new skills make top salespeople. Among other sales skills are optimism, ability to listen and empathize, responsibility and discipline, charisma and more.

Introvert or extrovert: what type of salesperson is a better one?

A sales personality whose combine sales skills and traits of both introvert and extrovert. Such type of salesperson is called ambivert. He is smart active, open-minded and able to listen at the same time.

Why sales require sales professionalism?

Sales professionalism is not just a fancy phrase. It separates the pros from the amateurs. Sales professionalism makes an average salesperson able to manage and organize not only the sales flow of his, but the whole sales team. Good sales professionals are aware of the targets and always ready to take responsibility for the work of the entire sales team.