Sales Engagement

Sales engagement is the whole of interactions that take place between a buyer and seller, that can be measured in both time and touch points. It focuses on key points that have been made during a sales conversation and may help establish further communication between a buyer and a seller. Some key points that are a part of sales engagement are:

  • Time spent watching a demo or a webinar

  • CTR on the email

  • Email open rate

  • Time spent on a phone

  • Number of calls

Sales engagement is crucial to assess what is the best method of selling to a particular buyer. Through establishing a framework of what’s most appealing to a certain person and things like:

  • What is the most adequate way of contact

  • What should be the tone of the conversation

  • What to focus on during the next interaction

  • How to approach the buyer

a salesperson can do his job in a much more effective way and get a higher chance of successfully closing a sale.

Glossary terms starting with the same letter

  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

    Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a lead that meets all of the requirements to become your customer. Such a lead has already demonstrated his intere...

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  • Sales Pipeline Coverage (SPC)

    Sales Pipeline Coverage (SPC) is a metric that shows how full your pipeline is relative to your sales quota. The main point of this metric is fo...

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  • Sales Acceleration Technology

    Sales Acceleration Technology is a part of the software that helps sales representatives accelerate the process of sales and shorten the sales c...

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  • Sales Coaching Programs

    Sales Coaching Programs are the programs that mainly focus on improving the sales team cooperation, leveling up the efficiency, boosting the mot...

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  • Sales Conversations

    Sales Conversations are conversations focused on closing a sales or those which are at least a part of making a sale. Sales Conversations are mo...

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  • Sales Dashboards

    Sales Dashboards are the graphical representation of most important indicators and metrics regarding sales. The main point of such dashboards is...

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  • Sales Development Reps (SDRs)

    Sales Development Reps are the inside sales representatives who solely focus on lead qualification and outbound prospecting and moving leads thr...

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  • Sales Discovery Call

    Sales Discovery Call is a crucial part of a lead qualification process as well as the whole sales process. It is the first call made after conne...

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  • Sales Email Tracking

    Sales Email Tracking is a method of assessing key metrics in regards to emails and email campaigns and their effectiveness and how successfully ...

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  • Sales Enablement Manager

    Sales Enablement Manager is a marketing-sales-mixed type of job that duties range from creating content all the way to sales training. The main ...

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  • Sales Enablement Tools

    Sales Enablement Tools are the apps which opt to make the work of a sales team more efficient and more effortless. Through automating and shorte...

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  • Sales Force Automation

    Sales Force Automation is the software that let's automate certain processes such as distributing and analyzing data so the sales reps can focus...

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  • Sales Funnel

    Sales Funnel (sales pipeline, revenue funnel) is a representation of a sales process that your company leads in order to turn a lead into the cu...

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  • Sales Management Software

    Sales Management Software is a system that allows sales managers and sales reps to quickly gain insights into the progress of sales campaigns, k...

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  • Sales Prospecting

    Sales prospecting is a process of creating an opportunity to make a sale. Most often it is done by inside sales reps who contact the leads via p...

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  • Sales Scripts

    Sales Scripts (call scripts, cold calling scripts) are the scripts covering the main talking points that work as a framework for call agents and...

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  • Sales Stack

    Sales Stack (sales technology stack) is a set of technology and various software. Nowadays there are a lot various apps and software that sales ...

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  • Salesforce Call Logging

    Call Logging in Salesforce is an essential metric to managers as they can monitor the activity of their call agent and sales agents and therefor...

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  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol used for initiating, maintaining, and terminating communication sessions. Such se...

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  • SIP Trunking

    SIP Trunking is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology based on the SIP thanks to which Internet-based telephony services can deliver ...

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  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Software as a Service or SaaS refers to a software distribution model in which certain company hosts an application and lets their users access ...

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  • Sales Sequence

    Sales Sequence is the set of prioritized actions that a sales rep has to execute in order to successfully close a deal. Sales Sequences are back...

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  • Sales Champion

    Sales Champion is another name for a prospect who is deeply engaged with your product. Oftentimes Sales Champion can be a so-called product evan...

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  • Sales Coaching

    Sales Coaching is the set of actions or the process of helping sales reps and other sales professionals to develop their skills, performance, an...

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  • Sales Cycle

    Sales Cycle is the set of actions or a process that a company undergoes in order to sell its products or service. Sales cycle tends to be differ...

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  • Sales Demo

    Sales Demo can be described as an online meeting during which a sales rep presents the functions and features of a certain product, service or a...

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  • Sales Director

    Sales Director, also known as Executive Director, is a senior-level executive who’s responsible for duties such as strategic planning, formulati...

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  • Sales Enablement

    Sales Enablement is a set of actions or a process designed to provide the company’s sales reps with proper training, content, coaching, and tool...

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  • Sales Kickoff

    Sales Kickoff is an annual meeting often held in the end or at the beginning of the year by a company for its sales teams. Sales Kickoff is held...

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  • Sales Manager

    Sales Manager is a mid-tier executive who’s responsible for managing a particular sales team or a sales department. Main duties of the Sales Man...

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  • Sales Operations

    Sales Operations is a set of business activities and processes focused on increasing the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of a sales ...

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  • Sales Partnerships

    Sales Partnerships is a collaboration between two or more individuals or organizations focused on boosting sales, and the overall performance of...

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  • Sales Process

    Sales Process is a set of actions focused on improving sales results by implementing various methodologies, tools, and strategies. The aim of th...

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  • Sales Productivity

    Sales Productivity is a metric that shows how efficient and effective in regards to sales effort a particular sales rep is. Sales productivity i...

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  • Sales Prospect

    Sales Prospect is a potential consumer who meets at least some of the company’s requirements to become a paying customer. The difference between...

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  • Sales Training

    Sales Training is a set of actions or a process aimed to improve the skills, efficiency, and effectiveness of a sales team and particular sales ...

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  • Salesforce Administrator

    Salesforce Administrator is a manager whose main responsibility is to manage sales teams and particular sales reps in order to keep their produc...

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  • Segmentation

    Segmentation is the process of subdividing a large dataset into smaller factor-based segments. Segmentation aim is to provide a better service i...

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  • Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A)

    Selling, General, and Administrative or SG&A is the sum of all selling expenses (S) as well as all general and administrative expenses (G&...

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  • Serviceable Available Market (SAM)

    Serviceable Available Market or SAM is the segment of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) that is within your geographical reach, based on your b...

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  • Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)

    Serviceable Obtainable Market or SOM is the segment of Serviceable Available Market that not only is in your reach but the one that you can actu...

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  • Siloed

    Siloed is a term used in regards to particular company’s units, teams or departments that lack cooperation and coordination as they’re run separ...

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  • Small and Mid-Size Business (SMB)

    Small and Mid-Size Business or SMB refers to a business organization that is classified as the one, in terms of scale (budget and staff), betwee...

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  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Single Sign On or SSO is a method of access of multiple related, but independent software systems using one ID or username and password. The big...

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  • Solution Selling

    Solution Selling is a sales methodology mostly used in B2B sales according to which, a salesperson rather than focusing on the product and tryin...

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  • Spiff

    Spiff is the term that describes an immediate bonus or an award for completing a specific task. A spiff can be a financial bonus, paid vacation ...

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  • SPIN Selling

    SPIN Selling is the acronym of situation, problem, implication, and need-payoff. Each of these terms refers to a type of question that a salespe...

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  • Statement of Work (SOW)

    Statement of Work or SOW is the document that captures and defines all aspects of the work performed by the organization for a client which incl...

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  • Structured data

    Structured data refers to an organized set of data that is strictly defined in terms of how such data will be stored and what type of data will ...

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  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)

    Subject Matter Expert or SME is an individual with a deep understanding of a particular field, process, subject, function or technology. Subject...

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  • Sales Methodology

    Sales Methodology refers to the specific approach to selling that sales reps may use in order to close more sales. Oftentimes, sales leaders use...

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  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) refers to the agreement between the department of Sales and Marketing that defines the expectations of both depart...

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  • Smarketing

    Smarketing refers to the alignment between Sales and Marketing. Practices such as SLAs help achieve the proper state of Smarketing although it’l...

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  • Social Selling

    Social Selling is then sales reps use social media to connect with the leads. It can be done by answering leads’ questions, posting valuable con...

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  • Stage

    Stage refers to a single step in the sales process. Stages are used to better identify the actions that the sales rep has to take in order to tu...

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