Proof of Concept (PoC)

Proof of Concept or PoC is usually a prototype or a demonstration which goal is to prove that a certain concept, business idea or a venture is doable and has a potential to be successful and profitable.

PoC is often used when a company seeks the investment. In such a situation a PoC lets the investors assess the actual scope of the venture.

Glossary terms starting with the same letter

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics is a form of analytics which uses data - both present and historical - to make predictions and forecast future trends, beha...

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  • Predictive Dialer

    Predictive Dialer is a type of auto-dialer which automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. Predictive Dialer is used to maximally im...

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  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    Platform as a Service or PaaS is a set of cloud-based services that allow the user to build their own applications and integrate the various app...

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  • Plays

    Plays is a sales-specific term which refers to the set of actions or a strategy focused around closing a sale. You can think of Plays as a roadm...

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  • Point of Contact (POC)

    Point of Contact or POC is another term for a person representing an entity who’s responsible for contact and coordinating the flow of informati...

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  • Pro rata

    Pro rata is a business finance term which refers to a proportionate allocation of a given quantity to a fraction according to its share of the w...

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  • Pro rata rights

    Pro rata rights, also known as, Rights Offering refers to right or a group of right offered to stakeholders that allow them to purchase addition...

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  • Procurement

    Procurement is the act of acquiring goods and services for business purposes. The whole process of Procurement involves demand assessment, bid r...

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  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

    Product Lifecycle Management or PLM is the process of managing a product through its entire lifecycle. PLM is important due to the fact the cond...

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  • Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

    Product Qualified Lead or PQL is a lead that meets all of the requirements to become your customer based on the fact he has already tried some o...

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  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)

    Professional Employer Organizations, PEO or employee leasing companies are the companies which specialize in outsourcing business and administra...

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  • Push Counter

    Push Counter, also known as, Opportunity Push Counter or PO is a counter that tracks how many times an Opportunity has been pushed from period t...

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  • Pain Point

    Pain Point refers to the problems and struggles of your targets. Identifying and then targeting specific pain points is crucial in process of sa...

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  • Performance Plan

    Performance Plan (PIP, Performance Improvement Plan) refers to the set of actions that take place when a sales rep doesn’t make a certain percen...

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  • Positioning Statement

    Positioning Statements are used by sales reps when opening a sales call do directly addressing prospect’s pain point showing the benefit and the...

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  • Profit Margin

    Profit Margin refers to the ratio of profitability that shows how much money the company actually keeps in earnings.

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