Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is the process held by sales reps conducted to prioritize the importance of each of the lead. Top-value leads are treated with a top-priority as they were measured to be the easiest to close or will be the most valuable in terms of successfully closed deals.

Lead Scoring helps sales reps assess which leads to service with what priority so they provide the most value to the company through their efforts.

Glossary terms starting with the same letter

  • Lead Enrichment

    Lead Enrichment consists of all of the actions that provide additional information about the lead. Such information can be used by inside sales ...

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  • Lead Response Rep

    Lead Response Rep is an inside sales rep who focuses solely on following up with leads from inbound marketing efforts. That means such a rep con...

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  • Lead Response Time

    Lead Response Time is a variable that shows how long does it take to follow up with a lead that has contacted a business. It is important to kee...

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  • Lead to Revenue Management (L2RM)

    Lead to Revenue Management (L2RM) is a model that covers a set of sales and marketing methods and processes that focus on generating revenue thr...

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  • Local Presence

    Local Presence technology allows sales reps and call agents to dial leads and prospects using local code areas. Such a practice may lead to a hu...

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  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation is a set of actions or a process of generating interest around a certain product or as service aimed to generate new leads who c...

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  • Lead Nurturing

    Lead Nurturing refers to the set of actions or a process of engaging with leads who, later on, could become paying customers. Lead Nurturing pro...

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  • Loss Aversion

    Loss Aversion refers to a psychological phenomenon or an effect whereby people care more about losing a certain amount of money that they do abo...

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  • Low-Hanging Fruit

    Low-Hanging Fruit is a sales term which refers to a certain market segment or a consumer requires the least amount of effort to close. Low-hangi...

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  • Lead

    Lead is a person or a company who has shown an interest in the product/service that you offer. A person can become a lead through downloading yo...

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  • Lead Qualification

    Lead Qualification is the process of evaluating whether a specific lead is a proper one for your business and the product or service you offer. ...

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  • Loss Leader

    Loss Leader is a term that describes a product sold at a low price resulting in a loss or a break-even situation. The purpose of using Loss Lead...

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    LTV:CAC is the ratio of LTV - lifetime value and the CAC - customer acquisition cost. To compute the LTV:CAC ratio you simply have to compare th...

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