Doing Business As (DBA)

Doing Business As (DBA) refers to a situation in which an entity uses a different name as their legal, registered name. DBA can be also described as a form of rebranding or sub-branding.

Glossary terms starting with the same letter

  • Demo-to-Close Conversion Rates

    Demo-to-Close Conversion Rate can be simply computed using this formula: (number of closed deals over a specific time period divided by the tota...

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  • Dark

    Dark is the term commonly used by sales reps which refers to the state in which prospect has become unresponsive to calls, emails, and other for...

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  • Day Sales Outstanding (DSO)

    Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) refers to the measure of the number of days that it takes for the company to collect the payment after acquiring cli...

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  • Deal Closing

    Deal Closing is the final step of selling process during which the prospect agrees to purchase the product or sign up to kick off his subscripti...

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  • De-dupe

    De-dupe or de-duplications refers to the process which goal is to eliminate all of the duplicate data in regards to various accounts or within t...

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  • Demand Generation

    Demand Generation refers to the marketing process which aims to build the awareness of the product or service in order to boost sales, traffic, ...

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  • Direct Mail

    Direct Mail refers to a communication channel used for marketing efforts conducted via traditional postal services. Direct Mail includes sending...

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  • Direct Sales

    Direct Sales refers to the method of selling a product or a service in which the act of sales happens in a face-to-face scenario in which a sale...

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  • Discount

    Discount refers to a promotional reduction in the cost of a product or a service, commonly used during special occasions to bring more sales or ...

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  • Draw on Sales Commission

    Draw on Sales Commission is also known as Draw Against Commission is a form of payment for sales reps that is given to an employee in advance to...

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  • Drip Campaign

    Drip Campaign refers to the marketing effort which works in a form of automated email sequence that a lead receives after taking a certain actio...

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  • Decision-Maker

    Decision-Maker is a person that makes a final decision on whether to make a purchase or not. Oftentimes, sales reps have trouble getting into a ...

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