Call Center Software

Call Center Software is a software solution that helps call center, support teams and sales teams manage calls in a more efficient way and, in result, improve customer satisfaction.

Call center Software include such features as:

  • Call Scripts

  • Call Recordings

  • Live-listening

  • Call Transfering

  • Call Conferences

  • Auto Dialer

  • Integrations

Thanks to the VoIP technology and the development of cloud-based solutions, call centers and other organizations can manage an entire process through a single device, directly from the browser.

Glossary terms starting with the same letter

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

    Customer Lifetime Value (user lifetime value, LTV) is a total value of your customer (total of his purchases) over the lifetime with your compan...

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  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

    Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) is the cost of acquiring a new customer. The point of this metric is for businesses to evaluate the profit that...

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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a software that combines various features and technologies that help manage and automate certai...

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  • Call for Proposal

    Call for Proposal refers to the process during which an individual or a company asks for something to be sold to them. Mostly, call for proposal...

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  • Challenger Sales Model

    Challenger Sales Model is a sales framework that drops the idea of building a relationship which can be effective but may take a lot of time up-...

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  • Champion/Challenger Test

    Champion or Challenger Test refers to the approach that most companies use to choose the best-working engagement strategy in a particular sector...

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  • Channel Partner

    Channel Partner refers to a person or the organization that sells products or service of another company or an individual (on their behalf).

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  • Channel Sales

    Channel Sales refers to a method clustering sales force into groups in regards to various distribution channels. Such a method lets the company ...

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  • Churn

    Churn refers to the percentage or the number of customers that leave or cancel their subscription over the certain time frame. Churn can be late...

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  • C-Level or C-Suite Executives (CxOs)

    C-Level or C-Suite Executives (CxOs) refers to specific roles that a high-level employee might have in a given company. Such roles are:

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  • Clawback

    Clawback refers to the special contractual clause, usually included in employee’s contract, that states that in specific circumstances the money...

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  • Click Through Rate (CTR)

    Click Through Rate (CTR) refers to the metric usually used in regards to optimizing conversion rate which can be expressed as a percentage of cl...

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  • Client

    The client is another word for a customer and refers to an individual or the company that pays another entity for a product or a service they’ve...

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  • Cold Email

    Cold Email just like Cold Calling refers to the situation in which an individual contacts another individual via email whilst the recipient of s...

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  • Compensation

    Compensation refers to the total payment an individual receives for his work and it includes the base salary as well as all the other, additiona...

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  • Complex Sale

    Complex Sale refers to a specific type of sale in the B2B sector which involves one or more decision makers, different than regular payment agre...

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  • Compounded Annual Growth Rate

    Compounded Annual Growth Rate refers to the percentage of growth over the specific time frame. Compounded Annual Growth Rate helps companies mea...

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  • Content

    Content refers to the material or documents such as ebooks, articles, audio, and video files that are made to inform, engage, and influence spec...

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  • Content Management System (CMS)

    Content Management System (CMS) refers to the specific type of software that allows you to manage, modify and create digital content. One of the...

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  • Conversion

    Conversion refers to an action that turns the lead into a paying customer. Conversion can be also used in regards to a specific event that may o...

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  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

    Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) refers to costs which are directly linked to producing the goods that the company sells. COGS include the cost of mate...

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  • Cost per Click (CPC)

    Cost per Click (CPC) refers to the metric used by advertisers, most commonly in regards to Google Ads and Facebook Ads which describes the effec...

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  • Cost per Impression (CPI)

    Cost per Impression (CPI) refers to the metric used by advertisers, most commonly in regards to Google Ads and Facebook Ads which describes the ...

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  • Covenant

    Covenant refers to a specific type of promise, usually written, that sets an agreement between two different entities that certain activities wi...

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  • Customer

    Customer, just like a client, refers to an individual or the company that pays another entity for a product or a service they’ve purchased.

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  • Customer Success

    Customer Success refers to a set of actions, usually carried out in B2B sales, by Customer Success Reps which main focus is to keep good relatio...

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  • Call Coaching

    Call coaching is a process of training that helps call center agents to improve their skills, learn new techniques and provide excellent service...

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  • Call Disposition

    Call Disposition helps call center agents to move seamlessly from one call to another. It is a label that call center agent can quickly assign t...

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  • Call Recording Compliance

    Call Recording has been regulated by several institutes, thus companies who record their calls have to make sure that they meet the requirements...

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  • Call Routing

    Call Routing is a system that enables to automatically route calls based on some predefined criteria. Call Routing can greatly help to improve c...

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  • Call Tracking

    Call Tracking is a system/software that lets you track the marketing and ad-based value of inbound calls. Thanks to such technology each of the ...

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  • Click-to-Call

    Click-to-Call (click-to-talk, click-to-dial, click-to-chat and click-to-text) is a form of communication in which a person clicks a button, imag...

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  • Cold Call

    Cold call is a call during which a person making a call has no information (or only slight) about the recipient of that call. Because of that, t...

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  • Conversation Analytics

    Conversation Analytics help better analyze the conversations by transcribing speech and turning it into searchable data. Thanks to such solution...

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  • Conversation Intelligence

    Conversation Intelligence is one’s ability to properly project the way of a certain call and its outcome. It is crucial as in sales organization...

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  • Conversation Science

    Conversation Science is a complex term which stands for all of the details that take place during the phone call and may lead to its success. Ne...

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  • CTI

    CTI is, in general, the technology which enables computers to interact with telephones and to manage telephone calls. This technology is mostly ...

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  • Customer Success Reps

    Customer Success Reps are the members of inside sales team that focus customer retention and overall satisfaction. The duties of customer succes...

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  • Churn Rate

    Churn Rate is a metric that shows how many customers you retain over the specific period of time. To calculate the Churn Rate you have to measur...

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  • Closed Opportunities

    Closed Opportunities is the term that describes all of the closed opportunities, both won and lost. This term is mostly used as the indication o...

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  • Closed-Won

    Closed-Won describes the situation in which a sales rep successfully closes a sales.

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  • Closed-Lost

    Closed-Lost describes the situation in which a sales rep doesn’t successfully close a sales and a lead decides not to make a purchase.

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  • Closing Ratio

    Closing Ratio shows the percentage of all successfully closed sales (close-wins) in regards to the total number of sale opportunities. Closing R...

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  • Commission

    The commission is a payment that a sales rep gets when they successfully close a sale. The commission is most often the percentage of the sales ...

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  • Conversion Path

    Conversion Path is the set of events that help capture the lead. For example, one of the most common conversion path would be the one starting w...

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  • Conversion Rate

    Conversion Rate stands for the percentage of people who went through a certain conversion path and thus, become leads. Conversion Rate can be me...

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  • Cross-Selling

    Cross-Selling is a term that describes a scenario when a customer gets sold more than one product on a single purchase in a certain manner. This...

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