Why You Need a Niche to Become a Successful Affiliate
March 6, 2018

Why You Need a Niche to Become a Successful Affiliate

Malgorzata Weglarz

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Niche marketing is aimed to challenge all the marketing efforts towards a specific market segment instead of a broad range of potential clients. Niches are created by marketing experts who know how to recognize customers needs and how to deliver solutions to solve their problems. The targeted portion of a market doesn’t have to be small, but it should have unique characteristics and be identifiable.

Market segmentation allows companies to meet the requirements of targeted audience instead of trying to solve problems for everyone. It enables to build a close relationship with the audience and understand their habits and preferences. With a niche strategy, businesses have a better chance to stand out from the competition and become a market leader.

Benefits of focusing on a niche in affiliate marketing

The advantage of niche marketing is that it enables you to establish yourself as an expert. In fact, people tend to trust experts. Thus, your audience will more likely turn to you for an advice and follow your recommendations.

Writing on a general topic will make it difficult for you to get noticed. On the contrary, the niche topic allows you to get in front of the right people. It lets you engage with them and, consequently, build a base of loyal followers. Interest-based communities are highly involved as people feel more connected if they share the same passion, business goals or philosophy. For example, although vegans and meat eaters can belong to the same broad category (people interested in a healthy lifestyle), they will look for different recipes and products.

Another benefit of a niche strategy is that it is affordable. It will lower advertising costs and help your search engine rankings. When people need specific information, they don’t search for it using general terms. Once you create your buyer persona, your marketing strategy will come naturally.

Selecting niche

Selecting a niche is not easy, and it’s always worth spending a bit of time on research. An ideal niche for affiliate marketing would have a heavy demand for the products, high-income potentials (people willing to pay for a solution to their problems), products and services available to promote (check if they have affiliate programs) and few strong competitors.

To determine the profitability of your niche, you can start with checking different keywords combinations. Tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner will help you understand which of them are popular. Make sure your niche sounds profitable yet is not too broad. Aim for keywords with a relatively high search volume but little competition and paid advertising. However, keep in mind that competition is not necessarily a bad thing: if it doesn’t exist, it can mean that niche is not profitable.

Checking forums and websites related to your niche can give you a better picture of the audience. What problems do people discuss? What are their pain points and how much are they willing for pay for products or services that provide a solution? Once you know your audience inside-and-out, you will be able to determine what you want to promote. The next step is to check what affiliate programs are available and how much in commission you can earn for recommending those products and services.

Being familiar and genuinely interested in the niche is not mandatory but if you enjoy what you do, you will more likely stay motivated and focused. It will be also easier to showcase your knowledge and engage with your audience if you are passionate about the topic. For many people selecting niche based on the interest is the most important criterium. However, even if you are not familiar with the niche you still have a chance to succeed. If you go for something new, spend time on research before you publish posts to make sure you provide valuable content.

Niche is the key to become a successful affiliate

Affiliates are often afraid to focus on small targets thinking that when they limit their audience, they also limit their potential earnings. In practice affiliates who concentrate on niche strategy have a better chance to stand out from the crowd and succeed. Without the niche, you don’t have a defined audience. Knowing who you’re targeting and at the same time being open to refining it, will ensure you’re on the right track. No matter if you focus on evergreen markets such as health, wealth and lifestyle or less popular topics, start narrow and grow wide. Once you have a strategy that works, you will be able to scale your niche or use same tactics on a new one.

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

Małgorzata is in charge of the CrazyCall Partner Program. When she's not helping affiliates or teaching people how to pronounce her full name (well.. just call her Margo :)), she is listening to street artists, eating Greek olives and traveling. You can reach her at [email protected]

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