Partner Panel Walkthrough
March 7, 2018

Partner Panel Walkthrough

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

CrazyCall Partner Program opens an opportunity to make money for referring new customers. Each time your referral signs up via your affiliate link followed by subscription purchase, you earn a commission.

Metrics are vital and, with that in mind, we have built a transparent Partner Panel that allows you easily track, monitor and analyze your affiliate efforts. Let us walk you through a dashboard and help you get the most out of the powerful real-time reports.


Dashboard provides an overview of your partner account and the most important Key Performance Indicators like:
Commission – your up-to-date earnings. Every time your referral pays for a subscription (plan), you make 20% off this payment.
Unique clicks – the number of unique users that clicked on your affiliate links in the last 30 days. If someone clicks the same link multiple times, we will count it a single action.
Active trials – the number of referrals that signed up via your affiliate link and are currently testing CrazyCall. A standard trial period is 14 days, but your referrals can be on an extended 30-day trial if you decided to attach that parameter to your affiliate link. See the Resources section for more details.
Active subscriptions – the number of paying customers with active accounts.
Balance – the total commission excluding already withdrawn payouts and those still pending. Once your balance reaches a minimum of $50, you become eligible for withdrawal and can request to be paid at any time. As long as your balance is below the minimum threshold or your previous withdrawal has been processed, the withdrawal button will be inactive.

Trend charts – a visual overview of your progress for the selected time period. The following metrics are displayed:
Commission – the amount of money you had earned
New trials – the number of referrals that clicked your affiliate link and created an account
New subscriptions– the number of accounts converted from trial to paying customers (their first successful payment for a subscription plan).
Unique clicks – the number of users that clicked your links.

And last but not least, you can also grab your unique affiliate link from a dashboard to share it with your audience and track how many referrals you generate. You can either copy your default text link or navigate to the Resources section to create an advanced campaign.


In the Resources section you can browse and download your favourite creatives, customize your affiliate link and generate html code. Your default links directs to the CrazyCall homepage ( and your referrals will be on a 14-day trial. You can also attach a special offer- a 30-day trial, send your referrals to any page on and add a custom parameter that will help you identify various promotional methods and see what works best.Customize your affiliate link

Generate your custom affiliate link in a few quick steps:

First choose a creative: plain link, banner, logo, screenshot, ready text
Enter destination URL: The page you want your referrals to land on once they click your link. We allow deep linking so you can direct them either to our homepage or any other page on our website. If you leave this field empty, it will get auto-filled with a default landing page.
Select trial length– you can offer a standard (14-day) or attract potential customers with an extended (30-day) trial.
Add a description– an additional parameter that will help you distinguish the campaigns from each other and understand which one is more effective eg. short name or the place where you will promote a link.
Now you can share ready link or copy and embed a HTML code into your website.


The referral page provides a detailed breakdown of your referrals and everything you may want to know about them. You can see which of your links attracted them, how much money they brought you and what their current status is. Trial shows referrals that are currently testing our product, Paying applies to those users who have subscribed and their account is active. Cancelled means that these referrals no longer use CrazyCall. To see even more details on every user, click a corresponding row.


Each time your referral pays for a subscription, you earn a 20% commission. This report provides you a list of all payments and details on what your referrals paid for. There are three plans available at CrazyCall: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. The final cost of the subscription depends on the number of active users. You will receive a commission on recurring payments of your referrals for the subscription on a monthly basic and each time they upgrade to a higher plan or increase number of users.

Performance report


In affiliate marketing it is important to test various campaigns and promotional methods. The Performance report will help you monitor and track results for each affiliate link you create and provide information on what types of promotions works best for your audience. Have in mind that our tracking cookies last 90 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a free trial within 90 days. If you select a date range, you will see statistics for clicks, trials (all sign ups from your affiliate link) and subscriptions (conversions from trial to paying customers) for the chosen period. You will also see the visual preview of creatives if you have embed html code (they will be shown as a text link if you saved an image to your disk and eg. uploaded it to one of your social media channels). If you use multiple creatives in one article, various links will help you understand which of them convert best.


The Payouts section shows a history of all your withdrawals and their status: pending, paid and rejected. Unlike most of other partner programs, we don’t have a payout schedule. You can request to be paid as often as you want once your balance reaches $50.


Want to change a password, add your website or update your billing information? You can easily do it in the settings. And always make sure your PayPal email is correct before requesting a withdrawal.

Ready to explore the Panel?

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

Małgorzata is in charge of the CrazyCall Partner Program. When she's not helping affiliates or teaching people how to pronounce her full name (well.. just call her Margo :)), she is listening to street artists, eating Greek olives and traveling. You can reach her at [email protected]

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