Integrate Your App with CrazyCall
June 6, 2018

Integrate Your App with CrazyCall

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

Like bacon and eggs, sports teams and supporters, sunglasses on the beach or whiskey and ice. Certain things in life are just better together. The perfect pairing doesn’t need to end here. Become our Partner and integrate your app with CrazyCall to help our mutual clients make the most of every call they make and receive.

Why integrate with CrazyCall

CrazyCall is a cloud-based phone solution that helps businesses provide support and reach prospects and clients. As with traditional telephony, it allows making and receiving phone calls, and it comes with features like local and toll-free numbers, call monitoring and recording, automated cold-calling campaigns and a call back form to name a few. CrazyCall is a software for support and sales teams of all sizes. Among our clients, you can find freelancers communicating with overseas clients and call centers managing multiple projects for enterprise companies.

Integration ideas

The primary challenge faced by businesses using more than one software is to automatically synchronize all contacts with the information stored in different apps: CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, chat solutions, etc.

Below you can find some integration ideas suggested by CrazyCall clients that save their precious time and increase productivity.

Our clients would love to:

  • receive notifications in their favorite communication channels when a call is missed, a contact is created or when a user’s status is updated
  • add and update contact information to CRM after a cold call has been marked as “success” (e.g., a prospect agrees to receive an offer)
  • after a call has ended, send notes and call recordings to their CRM
  • receive an SMS about a call
  • add appointments in CrazyCall (e.g. scheduled calls) to Google Calendar
  • log information about a call activity into other apps
  • call the contacts directly from their CRM

Information can also be sent other way around which means that you can, e.g. send info about leads collected via various lead generation methods to CrazyCall.

These are just some of the ideas that would help our customers achieve their business goals. A phone call is one of the most popular communication channels. What happens next with the information about a contact? We count on your help with the possible scenarios, and we are open to your suggestions!

How to integrate with CrazyCall

You can integrate CrazyCall with other software via Zapier, build a native integration on top of our open API or based on webhooks. For more technical details and to see a full list of available methods, please visit:

Valuable partnership

If you have an application that can complement the CrazyCall offering and add value to our mutual clients, we would love to hear from you. With our Partner Program, you can earn a 20% recurring commission for each payment for a plan made by customers you send to us. Revenue is just one of the benefits. We are open to collaborating on promotional efforts to make sure more people know about your integration.

Need help with getting started? Contact me by email at [email protected], chat or call us. We are here for you!

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

Małgorzata is in charge of the CrazyCall Partner Program. When she's not helping affiliates or teaching people how to pronounce her full name (well.. just call her Margo :)), she is listening to street artists, eating Greek olives and traveling. You can reach her at [email protected]

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