How to Get Clients for Your Outsourced Call Center
June 13, 2018

How to Get Clients for Your Outsourced Call Center

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

More and more companies realize benefits of outsourcing customer service. Research by Radiant Insights indicates that the global outsourced customer care services market is forecast to reach USD 84.7 billion by 2020. In this article, I explain the techniques a call center can use to attract new business and make themselves stand out from their competitors.

Show Advantages of Customer Service Outsourcing

Businesses outsource their customer service for various reasons. They don’t have the staff, budget to hire dedicated employees, time to manage them, or they believe that a third party can do work more efficiently. Many businesses lack experience in the customer care area, and instead of wasting time guessing, learning new things and experimenting, they want to focus on building their products and creating growth.

Several factors can help determine whether delegating services, especially as important as customer service, to the third party makes sense for a particular business. No matter if you cold call potential clients or buy ads, a reasonable explanation and highlighting advantages of hiring your company to handle their customer support, can help unconvinced business owners to make a decision. They should be able to understand how you work, your procedures, and that you can take great care of their customers.

Once you touch base with a potential client, you should understand their needs and business profile. Some of the general benefits of Business Process Outsourcing worth highlighting are:

Focus on their core competencies

Customer support, sales, marketing, development, and many more. There are plenty of areas a business needs to take care of. Outsourcing some of the tasks allows companies to concentrate on what they are best at instead of spending time on hiring, training and managing agents, writing procedures and analyzing metrics.

Save costs

There are many expenses associated with building an in-house customer service team like administration, infrastructure, maintenance, office spaces, and salaries. Outsourcing is more cost-efficient as all charges are incorporated into the contract fee.

Provide quality customer service

The call center handles training, supervising and managing day-to-day operations. Agents are trained on a continuous basis and know how to deal with all kinds of scenarios. They have strict metrics and experience.

Allow scalability

As a business grows, more and more queries flood in. Outsourcing allows providing 24/7 support. Multilingual agents help with expansion to international markets.

Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

By providing valuable content, you can build up the trust that makes you a natural choice for business owners when they decide to outsource their customer services. Moreover, combining content marketing with SEO will help you get more qualified search traffic. Remember that you shouldn’t write articles for the sake of producing content but based on what your visitors want to read and what keywords you want to target. Create content that is genuinely useful and interesting.

Companies outsource their tasks to trusted partners. When working on the content, think from their perspective. To identify your expertise, your potential clients will evaluate things like:

  • industry experience
  • procedures
  • key performance indicators
  • case studies
  • technology and support channels.

With the right content, you can increase your brand awareness, highlight benefits of outsourcing the customer service, and prove your expertise.

Here are some examples of content that you can publish on your website:

Customer service related content

You can write about a wide variety of customer service topics: best practices, tips on providing excellent customer service experience to name a few. Focus on detailed articles that are high in quality rather than publishing many short posts.

Metrics and benchmarks

Resolution rate, first response time and customer satisfaction are just some of primary customer service metrics. Add a section where you explain what key performance indicator your measure and what they mean.

Dedicated landing pages for different niches

Prove a deep understanding of selected industries and business processes. If you aim for clients from the travel industry, concentrate on examples of tasks your agents can help with like managing hotel reservations, ticket booking, assisting with payment & transaction issues. Provide content relevant to airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel websites.

Case studies and testimonials

Do you already have your first clients that are willing to act as reference accounts? Ask them for testimonials and write a case study with them. They will strengthen the credibility and reputation of your business. Case studies are a great way to demonstrate some real time examples, show off the results and prove the effectiveness of your techniques.

Be active on Quora

People trust experts and answering questions on Quora will help you establish yourself as an authority. Join existing conversations, increase the engagement around your content, and share articles from other websites (including your own). Sharing your knowledge and expertise will help you enhance your personal and business brand, build your digital credibility and increase your chances of attracting the right audience. People don’t even mind a bit of advertising for as long you have something valuable to share. Remember not to SPAM as you will look desperate for clients and the results might be opposite to expected.

Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy

LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site and another great place to introduce your business, showcase your offer and build a brand. Make sure both your personal and company profiles are completed and update them regularly. By sharing useful links and publishing LinkedIn Pulse Articles, you can establish your professional image. There are also many customer service and call center related groups and discussions you can join. Although groups are not the place to pitch your service, contributing to conversations and sharing content will help you build relationships with your community. On top of that, LinkedIn is a website where you can recruit new talents to your team.
Introduce a referral program

Award your clients and website visitors for spreading a word about your services. A small discount, free training or other incentives can motivate them to bring you new leads. You don’t need a dedicated panel or an advanced dashboard to get started (though you may need them as your customer base grows). A simple form will allow you to collect the details of the referral and the referrer.

Partner with customer service software providers

Partner with companies that offer call center software. Not only can you get paid for sending customers their way but also get listed on their website. To check the partnership opportunities, look for the marketplaces, affiliate and reseller sections on their sites or contact vendors directly. If you use their software yourself, offer co-marketing collaboration and participate in the case study. Becoming a part of their ecosystem is a great way to gain recognition and reach new potential clients.


Outsourcing customer service is a big move for a business. Companies look for trusted and experienced partners. There are many techniques you can use to attract new business for your outsourced call center. Providing valuable content on your website, educating potential clients on advantages of outsourcing and being active on sites for professionals will help you build a reputation and brand.

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

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