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Why CrazyCall Is a Product You Want to Promote

As a SaaS affiliate, you want to promote products that deliver results and help businesses grow. Satisfied customers result in a high customer lifetime revenue and respectively high recurring commission on sale for you. It’s always worth spending a bit of time to get to know the product you want to recommend. This post will help you define a target audience for CrazyCall and choose the selling points.

What’s CrazyCall?

CrazyCall is an internet telephony delivered in a SaaS model. As with traditional telephony, it allows making and receiving phone calls, yet it also offers many additional features. CrazyCall is designed to help businesses manage and boost the performance of their outbound and inbound projects. The app delivers real-time reports, automates cold-calling campaigns and allows getting local phone numbers. Users can create various projects, manage their contact database and call leads and clients from a web browser.

What problems does CrazyCall solve?

One way to make customers feel safe when purchasing online is to provide them with a local phone number. In case of any questions or issues, they’ll rather dial a familiar number from their area. CrazyCall is a perfect solution for businesses operating globally and that would like to manage support for multiple locations in one place. They can choose phone numbers from over 70 countries and use them for inbound and outbound campaigns.

Every call center manager aims to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Their customer service agents and sale reps should sound consistent and accurate. Scripts allow them to handle calls faster and more efficient. Prepared talking points decrease training time for new employees and help them avoid mistakes. At CrazyCall users can compose 5 type of questions (open, choice, yes/no, date, time and date).

CrazyCall helps enhance the calling process. It allows making phone calls directly from a browser. With Chrome Extention users can click and call any number found online. They can also use a Call Panel that provides all key functionalities on a single screen: a script, button to schedule next contact, option to add a note or assign a status to a current call. With automatic dialer, the call process is faster than when you use a traditional phone. Agents can set outbound & inbound queue or reschedule calls (such contacts will be automatically dialed at selected time) which saves lots of time.

CrazyCall can also be used for lead generation. Pop-up is an efficient way to collect phone numbers of potential clients. Users can customize the look and feel of a pop-up to match a website. New contacts are added to the app.

Potential clients

  • Businesses with customer support and sales teams with inbound or outbound activities
  • Call centers and small in-house teams (CrazyCall starts with just one user and can be scaled easily)
  • Businesses that want to offer their services both in local and global markets
  • Managers who are looking for a telephony that can be set up in a couple of minutes with no technical knowledge
  • Companies whose support agents work remotely or are based in multiple locations.

Get paid for spreading the word about CrazyCall

The CrazyCall Partner Program is open to everyone, and you are welcome to join even if you don’t have experience with affiliate marketing. All you need to do is become our Partner and share your unique link. When someone signs up for a free trial via your link, we will connect them to you. You will earn a commission each time your referred customers pay for a subscription plan.


  • 20% commission every time your referred customers pay for a subscription for as long as they stay with us
  • dedicated partner panel where you can find detailed info on your referred customers, their every transaction and stats on your referral link performance
  • affiliate link generator- use default link or create own campaigns to track their performance and which sources and assets work for your audience
  • ready-to-use promotional materials
  • withdrawals on request (so no need to wait until the specific date) each time your balance reaches $50.

Take advantage of our free trial to test CrazyCall app. The best way to get familiar with a product is by trying it on your own. If you have questions, our Support Team is available 24/7.

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