Benefits of Using Virtual Toll-Free and Local Numbers
May 25, 2018

Benefits of Using Virtual Toll-Free and Local Numbers

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

Despite rising popularity of other communication channels, a phone call is still the most popular way to reach a business. Ready to offer support and answer sales inquiries? Before you publish contact information on your website, learn more about a difference between a toll-free and a local number and choose the option that will suit your company best.

Choosing the right phone number for your business

Existing number

If you are a freelancer or run a small family business, you may consider using your existing personal phone number. Although business inquiries may not interfere with your private life when you don’t have many clients, using a private number won’t work well while you scale. It makes it difficult to keep a work-life balance if both your friends and clients reach you at the same number. It will also be a hassle if you decide to forward all incoming calls to your colleagues.

With a traditional line, it is not possible for multiple people to answer or make calls at the same time. And, since you provide a phone number to your customers, you probably want them to be able to reach you. To handle a higher volume of calls and provide superior service, you may need to hire additional agents.

Toll-free number

The most significant advantage of toll-free numbers is that your customers are not charged for connection.

The perception of the public is that companies that use toll-free numbers are usually well-established and with many employees. This option suits better businesses that operate on a national scale.

Toll-free numbers are often used by the enterprise companies that outsource their customer support so you may lose a local feeling. On the other hand, if you have only a local number, you risk losing potential opportunities. Your potential clients from other parts of the country may think that you can’t deliver your products to their areas. Toll-free numbers (or local numbers from various regions) will allow you access to a broader audience.

Toll-free numbers are country-specific. If you choose a toll-free number from Canada, your customers from Germany won’t be able to dial it. For your international customers’ convenience, it’s better to offer also a local number so they can reach you even if they are abroad.

Virtual local number

If you want to show your customers you operate locally, one of the best ways to do so is to choose a local phone number. It will help you establish your presence in a specific city or country.

A phone number can increase the trustworthiness of your website and help sell to potential customers who aren’t comfortable buying online. The local number can work as a security layer.

Dedicated local numbers for all markets where you operate, will allow your customers call you at local rates. You will also be able to reach your leads and clients at competitive prices and present yourself with an area code of your choice. Using a number your prospects are familiar with, increases a chance that they will answer a phone.

Another benefit of using a local number is that you can add your business to local directories.

CrazyCall offers local numbers from over 70 countries

Why you need a virtual phone number

Replacing a traditional phone with a call center software and virtual phone numbers has many advantages:

Stay connected anywhere and anytime
A virtual phone number is not tied to a specific telephone line or device. Should you need to relocate, you can still use it. Once you buy the virtual number, it’s always at your disposal. There are no geographical limitations, so you can provide support to your customers from any place in the world.

Establish a local presence
Set up a presence in areas where you don’t have an office. Choose how many local and toll-free numbers as you need. Appear local to your clients even if you operate from other city or country.

Manage all numbers in one place
If you use a call center software, no matter how many different numbers you have, you can manage them with the same device. There is no need to buy additional equipment.

Build a remote team
With a call center software and local numbers, you can hire remote customer service and sales agents. All you need to make and receive phone calls is a device with internet connection.

Scale your team
You can assign several users to one or various numbers. Multiple agents can use the same phone number simultaneously. Virtual numbers are easier to set up as you don’t need separate telephone lines or extra hardware. If required, you can purchase additional numbers or add users without signing long-term contracts.

Save money
With virtual phone numbers, you can allow your customers to either call you for free (with toll-free numbers) or at local rates (if you provide local area codes). You will also save lots of money on outbound calls as you can reach international numbers at competitive prices. Moreover, you can hire customer service or sales agents from any area as with virtual numbers remote work is easy.

To sum up, a virtual phone number comes with many benefits, and it’s one of the tools that will help your business grow. A virtual phone number will allow you to reach overseas markets without the need of opening offices in each of them. You can appear local to your customers and establish your presence in any area in your country or globally. Phone calls are at the forefront of communication methods. No matter if you choose a toll-free or a local number, you can support your customers on the go, from any place with an internet connection.

CrazyCall offers local, and mobile phone numbers from over 75 countries worldwide, toll-free numbers and you can also add your existing number for both inbound and outbound calls. The first number is free. Do you know a business that could benefit from using a cloud-based telephony? Sign up for the CrazyCall Partner Program, share your affiliate link and make 20% commission each time they pay for a subscription plan.

Malgorzata Weglarz

CrazyCall Partner Program

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