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CrazyCall - Google Voice alternative

Check out some of CrazyCall's key benefits over Google Voice

Google Voice is a service from Google that allows users to send text messages, make calls, leave voicemail and more. However, many businesses and salespeople are looking for google voice alternative due to lack of some basic features needed for effective communication with leads and customers.

CrazyCall is a user-friendly browser-based business phone system which makes it easy to make and take calls from clients, analyze them and optimize call campaigns in real-time. This alternative to google voice replaces manual dialing, making it a perfect solution for businesses and teams that make numerous prospecting calls.

For maximum productivity, you can take advantage of Click to Call browser extension offered by our google voice alternative. It works as a simple add-on which automatically identifies and highlights all the phone numbers inside the browser or CRM and turns them into clickable links. It’s quite useful even if you make several calls a day since you don’t need to search for your cell phone each time you need to call your client.

Coming to the pricing front — the most popular pricing plan that our alternative to google voice can provide you with, costs $22/month per user. You get advanced features, including call script, live listening, call analytics, integrations and more than that, CrazyCall automatically routes inbound calls to the right sales agents based on the settings you configure.

Perfect both for sales individuals and call centers of all sizes, CrazyCall greatly assists in running outbound campaigns and taking inbound calls. Businesses also use alternative to google voice to handle marketing, sales and customer service calls, as CrazyCall application replaces them outdated wired headsets.

So, if you are looking for google voice alternative, you’ve come to the right place. CrazyCall is rich in intuitive features that are still easy to use.

And it’s 100% free to start a trial today and test all the google voice alternative’s features for 14 days at no cost.

  • Automate your workflow
    and replace the manual dialing

    Maximize the efficiency of your sales campaigns by automating the outbound calls with the power dialer. Increase the number of calls you make and spend less time placing them.

    Unlike Google Voice, CrazyCall dials phone numbers automatically which helps agents focus more on live connections with leads and customers instead of manual dialing.

  • Keep your conversation organized with call scripts

    Create scripts for every occasion to be more confident and persuasive during your call. Choose from different question types — open or closed, single- or multiple-choice — and hit all the key points of the call.

    Since in Google Voice you aren’t able to create a call script which most salespeople find so crucial, you’ll be forced to use outside-the-box solution to create one.

  • Keep using your existing number without hassle

    Since your customers are already familiar with your existing business phone number, you can easily add it to Google Voice alternative completely for free.

    Google Voice, instead, does not allow adding non-mobile numbers directly. If you want to use your existing mobile number, be ready to get charged a $20 fee.

  • Analyze your call data
    and track most relevant KPIs

    Get up to speed on your project’s performance with the alternative to Google Voice. See the number of successes, compare them with the working hours and check statistics on every single call handled.

    It’s extremely useful to monitor call performance, especially if you’re managing a sales team. If you’re using Google Voice, you’ll have no way to analyze conversations with lads and customers.

  • Make it easy to reach you by calling a toll-free number

    Get a low-cost toll-free number in Google Voice alternative and give your customers one more reason to call your business free of charge.

    While it takes few minutes in CrazyCall, in Google Voice you’ll face limitations, as the tool doesn’t offer toll-free numbers.

  • Contact support
    team whenever you need

    Should you have a question, problem, suggestion or feedback, you’re free to contact our 24/7 support team vial phone, livechat or drop a line on the email.

    However, if you’re using Google Voice you don’t have a chance to get help from a live person, as there are no support specialists. Alternatively, you can visit Google’s FAQ section for a self-service.

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