How To Build The Best Cold Calling Scripts

How To Build The Best Cold Calling Scripts [Free Templates]

Imagine that 6 out of 10 calls you make end up being successful…

Each of your clients is pleased with the quality of the calls that you make…

And selling over the phone is fun and easy to do…

Now let your imagination rest and get to know how to turn dreams into reality.

How to do it?

There are a few factors that can influence your cold calls – a good lead base, a proper research, and your preparation. Yet, we’ve already covered some of these before.

Now, let’s focus on one of the most important factors – cold calling scripts.

It may seem that cold call script is not so important but a proper one can turn the worst call into a smooth road starting at “Hello, my name is…” and ending up on “I’ll buy three.”.

Thus you should do everything to improve the quality of your cold calling script.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why cold calling scripts are so important
  2. How to build the best cold calling scripts
  3. Sales objections in your cold call script
  4. Is one cold calling script enough?
  5. Download free cold calling scripts templates

Why cold calling scripts are so important

No one wants to talk to a stuttering telemarketer who forgets what to say every 10 seconds.

With a cold calling script, you will lead the call the exact way you want, bringing the best quality to your customers and making one step towards closing the deal.

Also, cold calling scripts help you better structure the call.

Contrary to what most people think, cold calling scripts are not there to make you read each sentence and sound like a robot. These are your words, but pre-sorted and pre-organized, so when you are making a call you can solely focus on the person over the phone.

What is more, with a proper cold call script you’ll be able to handle objections and easily turn that “no” into a “YES”.

Quick onboarding

Cold calling scripts might be helpful for your new employees. With a good calling script, they’ll be able to start making calls much faster.

It will also make them feel much more comfortable, opposite to when they’d have to create their own script on-the-go.

In CrazyCall you can use smart call scripts during the call which will help you gather all of the important data. You can map out all of the questions you’d like to get the answers to and insert them as the call goes.

Build Call Scripts in CrazyCall

How to build the best cold calling scripts

To understand how experts build the best cold calling scripts we’ve asked – yea, you guessed – the experts!

Thanks to that we can walk you through the whole process from the idea to the creation of a cold calling script.

Both Ceri Ruenheck, owner of It’s Your Call, author of “Cold Calling for the Clueless” and Amit Sharma, CEO of Dishah Consultants, author of “Sales Decoded – 5 Steps to ‘Powerful Selling’” will guide you through each step of the process of building the best cold calling scripts.

Foundation First

First comes the idea.

You have to clearly know the purpose of your call to build the cold call script.

This will help you to adjust the script exactly to your leads’ needs and expectations. As a result, you’ll be able to provide them the best experience over the phone which will more likely result in making a deal.

When creating the script one has to focus on the objective of the campaign.” – Ceri Ruenheck

One of the most important aspects of the planning process is to focus on the “why”:

  • Why are you making this call?
  • Why do you opt to get that specific result?
  • Why does the person who answers the call should be interested in what you have to offer?

“Is the calling a cold call? A follow-up call? Customer outreach? The call has to focus on one topic. Often times customers will ask us to call on a list and want to offer a variety of products/services, however not all products/services are appropriate for all of the customer’s prospects. It’s best to determine who needs what and then tailor the script to the appropriate offering.”That is how Ceri approaches the planning process.

As you can see, there are many factors that keep changing with each call.

The product you are selling, people you are targeting, service you are offering – each of these determine the way you should be approaching the process of building cold calling scripts.

Amit describes the process of creating the cold call script as a three-step framework.


First, you should focus on the objective of the call.

“A successful cold call has a clear objective/outcome. I strongly believe, if the objective is short and precise then it becomes easy to achieve it.

I have seen many Sales Professionals who aim to sell a product in the first call. Their mindset, approach/call script is always focused on selling/pushing the product. I strictly focus on getting appointments without involving any selling in the process.”


Then, Amit tries to show the value that a call offers to the person over the phone.

It is a well-known selling technique that even legendary Jeffrey Gitomer describes in his Little Red Book Of Selling. As Gitomer states “value over everything”.

This is how Amit approaches the value-part in cold calling scripts:

“Converting a Cold Call into a successful meeting needs two pieces of information that must offer value to the user and excites him to explore more.

First Value Statement [FVS] delivered along with the introduction. It’s the value statement that captures customer attention and hooks him into the conversation. I have seen Sales Professionals stumbling in this part and losing customers by directly bombarding buyers with questions like “I am calling you to explore partnership avenue in mobility or something similar.” That does not count as Value to the Buyer.

I rather, prepare for statements such as “I help organizations effectively engage their user base and reduce dropout rate using mobile & productivity apps.” I ensure that the statement highlights the “Pain” as well as offer “GAIN” that user will value.

Example – I work with corporates to identifying Sales Team Productivity gaps and improve new business revenue.

The second value statement [SVS] used to convert the buyer’s attention into interest. It helps in inviting buyer for an online/offline meeting without any restraint. Here I focus on delivering information to the user that has emotional appeal, drives his interest and invoke curiosity. It is important that information should highlight High-Level Pain, a possible solution along with a definite Gain and a short & relevant case study that serve as an anchor of interest and curiosity.

Example – I understand you are into Software Development and Services. I have worked with companies from a similar domain such as “X Company” to help them overcome the challenge of “Lead Generation”, “Losing high potential deals to competition” and helped them increase annual revenue by X to X million dollars.”


Lastly, he describes the approach.

It is important to remain a person and not turn into a selling machine.

Remember that the person you address is as human as you are.

Would you like to listen to a salesman who praises his product for five minutes? You know the answer.

This is what Amit says about the approach:

“A successful execution is focused on holding engaging conversations with buyers and not selling/scaring/intimidating him by having one-sided communication, discussing irrelevant information such as excellent product features, glamorous brands, Awards, Customers, company success, etc…”

Sales objections in your cold call script

While doing sales over the phone you have to deal with sales objections on a daily basis.

It’s a common occurrence that people will make excuses just to make you give up on convincing them to make a deal. Thus, your cold calling scripts should be objections-proof and should pre-consider possible customers’ objections.

Yet, customers are creative beings, so you have to be ready for new objections that may strike at you.

“I keep updating the list of objections and their corresponding responses as I go along.” – Amit Sharma

In order to discover all of the possible objections that may happen you have to check your cold calling scripts as you were your own client.

If you’ve already made some cold calls you probably know the most common sales objections

  • We already use a different product.
  • We don’t have sufficient finances for this.
  • It’s not the right time to talk.

Be ready to answer them on the spot and try to think how else your customer may say “no”.

Remember, a good salesperson will always make use of sales objections.

This is the time when you can show that even though a client may not be eager to agree on a deal you have something that will make him forget about his doubts.

Ceri says that “when a prospect makes objections is the time when they are really listening to you and your opportunity to address their issues. They will learn more about your product/service and be more informed.”

Be ready for the objections and make your cold calling scripts objections-proof.

Overcoming 9 Most Common Sales Objections

Although you never know which sales objections your caller will use so you hang up.
Yet, most people will use one of the 9 most common sales objections.

Thus, we’ve created a Step-by-Step Guide on how to beat them and turn into sale opportunities.

Check the guide here!

Sales Objections - Businessman jumping over the gap

Is one cold calling script enough?

There is a lot of confusion about whether you should use several different call scripts or just one that you can later adjust to your needs.

Many people state that having more than one call script can make you accidentally confuse things.

It happens to match with what the experts say.

As Ceri states “Having various scripts can lead to confusion, forgetting core agenda, missing important details, etc… I have one script and one framework that I use for all situations. Based on the situation, I make befitting adjustments to the script/framework.”

It seems that one is enough.

Opt to create just one cold calling script and perfect it, so you can later adjust it to your needs.

What is more, Amit not only agrees that one cold call script is enough, but he also claims that there are certain features that your cold calling scripts should always consist of, no matter what’s the purpose of that particular call.

The script should always have your company’s name, a brief description of what you do, and the purpose of your call. The purpose would change for a different kind of call (ie: lead generation, lead qualification, nurturing call, customer outreach). Legally, these 3 components need to be said at the very beginning of the phone call.” – Amit states.

Steal Like An Artist

Austin Kleon in his book Steal Like An Artist says: “What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original.”

We frankly agree with that statement and in order to let you work smart, not hard we’ve included a ready-to-use cold calling scripts templates.

You’ll easily adjust it to your needs and will be able to quickly start making the cold calls.

There are many script examples on the web, but most of them are way too general and require you to create most of the content by yourself. With our script template, you’ll be able to start making calls right away.

What is more, these scripts are proven to work – as Amit says “I have used the provided script over the years to engage and convert 60 to 70% of cold leads into meetings.”

The most important thing is that our sample cold calling scripts were created by experts who use them on a daily basis. Thus, you can be sure that they actually work and will help you during your calls.

Let me get that free sales scripts!

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Contributors: Ceri Ruenheck from It’s Your Call and Amit Sharma from Dishah Consultants

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