How to boost your sales with mass text messaging in 2019

How To Boost Your Sales with Mass Text Messaging in 2019

You’ve heard that SMS is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to communicate and send business-related information. But what about sales promotion via mass text messaging?

We, the team of AtomPark Software, already for 12 years develop tools for professional Mass Texting Marketing and want to share our experience with you.

In this article, we will give you the basic guide on how to boost your sales sending promotional mass text messages.

Is mass texting still alive?

Of course! Moreover, it is one of the most constant in popularity channel of communication between brand and customer. We won’t talk about 90% Open Rate, its speed, etc. You’ve already heard about that.

Let’s define what the real customers think about promotional text messaging.

The developer platform for communications Twilio asked 6,000 people in USA, UK, India, South Korea, and Singapore about their attitude to the business text messages. Here is what this research says:

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No1 (1)Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No2 (1)

These data are also confirmed by other studies, for example:

  • Transactional Messaging Consumer Report by Vibes says that 78% of US consumers claim SMS as the fastest way to reach them for important service updates and purchases.
  • Flowroute Survey found that people view a business more positively if they offered SMS capabilities.
  • The results of the Salesforce Mobile Behavior Report showed that 91% of users opted in to receive texts from a brand because of the use of these messages.
    The numbers speak for themselves. So, what is the secret?

How to succeed?

The change in b2c bulk SMS messaging

Roughly speaking, if years ago spam was almost a commonplace and marketers were not so cared about the personalization of the mass campaigns, today everything has changed. The reason: old methods of customers engagement do not work plus strict rules and regulations that prevent organizations from sending spam messages, texting too frequently, or texting irrelevant messages.

Today is the era of сonsumer-oriented strategies, and here are the set changes we face in Text Message Marketing for the last years:

  • General Data Protection Regulations update, and the changes it brings to the process of collecting subscribers personal data;
  • higher standards of segmentation and personalization;
  • total automation of marketing processes;
  • bulk texting became a two-way communication channel.

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No3 (1)

These are the general changes in Digital Marketing, but they have a great impact on bulk text messaging. (A little below we will tell you how).

What remains constant?

  • content – focus on the value of the offer;
  • low cost of this marketing channel, its efficiency.

There are the reasons why top brands still use mass text messaging in its marketing campaigns. For example:

  • Uber uses text messages to keep clients informed by sending car arrival time.

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No4 (1)

  • The Arkansas Children’s Hospital sends automated texts to reduce no-shows by sending appointment reminders.

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No5 (1)

  • Alaska Airlines uses it to coordinate flight crew schedule changes by instantly confirming updates with affected employees.

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No6 (1)

So, the main question now is how to succeed in sending promotional mass text campaigns with the modern high standards of customer engagement.

Essential mass SMS sending strategy steps for sales

GDPR rules in mobile marketing
The main point here is the rights to process clients personal data.
Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No7 (1)
In the core of group texting, it can be the mobile numbers, client name/surname, etc.
It means that in the process of growing your SMS subscribers list you must gain the permission on proceeding their personal data.width=”585″ height=”289″

But it’s the theory, what about the practice?

The common way of how small business takes user’s personal data it needs for sending text messages online is subscription form.

Here is a sample of how it should look like:
Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No8 (1)
The mandatory item is a checkbox of user agreement to data processing.

On the other hand, it is the basic etiquette rule – ask the permission before interrupting the someone’s phone space.

Don’t forget about the opt-in before start sending messages. Here is the example of such a message:

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No9 (1)

Automated text messages

You know that automatization of marketing campaigns can make easier not only your job but also become a great client engagement tool.

For example, the top kind of brand texts messages among the users – reminders (it can be as scheduled texts, as autoresponders). Let the people choose the time they want to get the notification about the upcoming doctor appointment, or beauty salon visit, balance limit, etc.
But how?

There is a common scheme of this process for all mass text messaging services. Let’s suppose that we want to let people choose the time they want to receive the messages about the visit to the barber in your beauty salon.

To set this process you have to:

  • Create a subscription form with the fields of scheduling the data:

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No10 (1)
The example of the free SMS subscription form with an opportunity to choose the time of sending texts in the Atomic SMS Sender constructor.

  • Create an address book for the collecting users’ phone numbers and the date they wish to receive the message.
  • Set the rule of the sending algorithm, for example – “Send SMS: on that day condition is met”.
  • Write the content of these messages.
  • Start the campaign.

That’s all. You are happy, your customers are happy – perfect.

You can use automated sending to:

  • congratulate the client with his Birthday, Holidays;
  • remind about the scheduled event;
  • notify about the arrival of users order;
  • inform about the personal account balance, etc.

The main advantages are speed and value.

How to Write Effective Mass Texts: Personalization

We won’t repeat the obvious things about the brief content and the etiquette rules of the promotional texting.

The main part of the success of such campaigns is personalization. Wanna sales? Make your messages personal.

Here are the basic steps on how to get started with personalized campaigns:

  • Find customers’ info to personalize your texts. If you already have it – import it (for example, from the existing CRM), if not – collect.
  • How to collect users’ data?
    • with the help of the subscription form,
    • from the user’s personal account,
    • sending them special questions for recording their responses.Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No11 (1)
  • Don’t forget to segment your audience based on their personal preferences, age, gender, location, etc. For example, gym center attenders segmentation based on exercise preferences or their fitness goals.
  • Create the message. To insert the users’ personal data into the text you should add a custom field to it – each professional mass texting service has this feature. Here is an example of such a field in Atomic Bulk SMS Sender:

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No12 (1)
In this way, you can customize every SMS you send.

Bonus: The typical mistakes of group texting

Time for practice!

Here you will have to find three types of mistakes in the offered examples of the promotional text messages. The answer will be under the illustration (no peeking!).

  • Auto Repair service message about the upcoming sale.
    What is missed in this message?
    Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No13 (1)
    The answer: Looks quite good, but what about the personalization? At least, it should be a recipient’s name in this message.
  • The Paintball event mass text notification. Find what is lacking in this message.

Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No14 (1)
The answer: You might think it’s personalization again, but no. Pay attention to the second part of this text, where are the contacts to book a date?

  • The most difficult example of bank service mobile notification. Pay attention to the details!
    Bulk-SMS-Graphic-No15 (1)
    The answer: Hm, the personalization is ok, contact info is present. Where is the mistake? It is perfect. But, it isn’t. Look at the time of receiving this message – the midnight messages from the favorite bank – what could be better😕.

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