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7 Unexpected Benefits of Call Recordings

Any time you call customer service or get a sales call you can hear the same phrase. “To improve quality of our calls/for security purposes/for training purposes this call will be recorded.”

It’s industry standard, however not all companies make actual use of call recordings. On the contrary, they can be simply deleted after the required time or store dust on some forgotten server.

However, there is a better way to use call recording to your advantage. With proper use of call recording software, you can improve both the quality of your customer service and your product.

Moreover, you can prevent lawsuits and take care of your reputation. Call recordings can even be used to UX/CX research purposes as a great source of customer’s insights and stories.

In the next paragraphs, you are going to get insights into the benefits of call recording. In addition, you will learn how to record calls with call recording software properly and use call recordings to improve your business.

What is call recording?

Call recordings can be done either over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or more and more popular these days VoIP (Voice over IP). Recorded call is stored in an audio format, that can be used to playback the call.

In the past, call recordings required a huge amount of money to provide specialized hardware. With technology development, all you need is proper call recording software and storing space to record your calls automatically.

Call recordings can be confused with call monitoring which entitles call tracking ( for example, gathering information about the number of incoming calls) and calls logging (recording information about technical details).

However, those features are for statistical purposes. Call recordings are made with the intention to store conversations.

Does my business need call recordings?

Every business can benefit from implementing call recording software. Were you aware that 65% of businesses consider phone calls as the most valuable source of high-quality leads?

Call recordings can be used as training material to improve the quality of calls. Moreover, you can log valuable customer information to provide better, more personalized customer service. Customers can be a source of insights, that would never reach your ear if it weren’t for call recording software.

In most countries, call recordings are mandatory by law in some industries like banking or insurance. Even though customers prefer social media as a communication channel for customer service, still 61% of them want to maintain phone as an option for contact.

Use of call recording software daily can give you an edge over the competition. Nevertheless, it’s not enough to just make call recordings. Your company has to put in place a system for replying and evaluating calls.

How can I improve my business practice with call recordings?

There are few benefits of call recordings, let me guide you through them in the next paragraphs.

First, we will talk about improving quality on every possible level. Secondly, we are going to cover customer data and history issues. Next, we will consider practices for research and legal regulations. Let’s dive in!

Improve quality

Quality can be improved in different areas, all thanks to call recording software. You can use call recordings to train your agents and deliver better service.

Delivering the best possible service

Managers can assert if agents meet company standards on delivering the best customer service possible. There is no need for call shadowing, which is time-consuming for the manager.

Working on call recordings allows to stop the call, rewind or skip some parts of it, which makes it a huge time saver.

Training agents

Call recordings for training can serve two purposes.

First, monitor and evaluate performance. Fragments of audio recording can be attached to a monthly or yearly evaluation.

Secondly, you can use call recording as a learning material. In phone business tone of voice, volume or even speed of talking can make a difference.

With audio material, you can prepare presentations to teach about the proper way of making and taking calls.

Listening to call recordings can be valuable to managers; they will instantly know which agents are doing an exceptional job and which need some additional training.

Customer satisfaction

With call recordings you can track your customers’ satisfaction, separating areas that are bringing results from those that need improvement. You don’t need to spend additional resources on research and outsourcing.

All of this can be done in-house because your customers are the best source of valuable data. Moreover, it’s all there for the taking – in call recordings.

Capture missed details

There simply isn’t enough time during a call to write down important detail about the customer. The agent has to stay focused on the customer to ask relevant questions, provide answers and solutions.

In addition, some interferences like background noise may occur during a call. Chances to miss important information are rising as the call continues. Customers prefer service that is tailored to them.

Trends in the market indicate that clients prefer companies that can offer personalization. In spite of that, companies don’t treat call recordings as a valuable source of data for personalization. Not all customer’s data can be acquired through online research.

Track customer history

People don’t like to repeat themselves; it’s a source of frustration. Did you know that 72% of customer attributes terrible customer service to the fact they have to explain their problem again and again?

On the other hand, we love it when someone knows us, even if it’s only marketing trick. Nevertheless, it’s still nice. Let’s imagine – you are going to your favorite restaurant. Servers know how you like your coffee and are proposing your usuals. Sounds nice, right? We like to be taken care of.

For these reasons, call recordings can quickly improve your customer service. Your agents can make notes about customer preferences from recordings. No pressure, no hurry.

Develop a better product

Do you know who the best source of knowledge about your product is? Your development team? Testers? The best source of information about your products is your customers.

They use it every day, see problems and advantages. Also, they are willing to talk about it. When the pressure of writing everything down is taken from your agent’s shoulders, they can engage in conversation.

As a result, your call recording can be full of valuable data about your product. All reasons for frustration missed solutions, and strong points are there.

Take care of your reputation (and solve all disputes!)

Sometimes there is a disagreement. Customer states that he was given a different offer. Alternatively, didn’t give his permission to upgrade the existing one.

Without call recording software in place, your only option is to say “the customer is always right.” Although we are fans of that business rule, sadly customer is not always right. Audio recordings can solve disputes. Moreover, they can save your money and reputation.

User stories, testimonials

Call recordings can be a great source of customer success stories and testimonials that can be disregarded or forgotten otherwise. After receiving customer permission, you can post exact quotes on your website to provide something called social proof.

As humans, we are more likely to use a product or service when others are using it. Therefore posting customer stories and testimonial can be beneficial for your business. This is social proof.


In some countries, there are additional regulations in specific industries like health care and finance, where companies are required to record calls for legal purposes. Compliance can also be applied to internal company’s protocol.

Call recording software – an easy way to record your calls!


call recordings

You know all the benefits of call recordings. Let’s talk about how to enable recordings for your inbound or outbound traffic. When hunting for good call recording software look for those options:

  • Automatic call recording
  • Playback immediately or download records to play at a convenient time
  • Long call recording history (can be unlimited with CrazyCall. Try for FREE!)
  • Call recording stored by the provider (save on storage cost!)

Avoid bad practices in call recordings!

Call recording software made it easy to provide full call history. Unfortunately, technology boost is not always followed with responsibility and accountability. Or even efficiency. In few next paragraphs, I am going to show you dark sides of call recordings.

Keep customers informed

Never omit information about the call being recorded. I can’t stress that enough. Check out legal regulations about call recordings in your country.

Especially if you are in an industry (like health industry or selling over the phone with access to credit card data) that handles customer’s sensitive data. Prepare information about calls being recorded according to regulations in your country.

Access denied – secure call recordings

Call recordings obviously can contain sensitive information about customers. They should be securely stored and accessed only by trained professionals.

Take the safety of your customers very seriously. You can even inform customers about security measures you take to prevent any data leaks.

Call recordings are standard in many industries. However, customers still don’t trust companies to keep their data safe. At the same time, no one thinks that e-mails and text messages can contain the same data.

Moreover, no one expects that emails are going to be deleted after receiving them by the company. Still, it’s your responsibility to put customers at ease and take proper care of call recordings.

Call shadowing

Some companies use shadowing live calls as a method to monitor and improve the quality of calls and customer service. It can be done. However, it is very time inefficient.

Basically, you require two people on one call, agent and shadow. Shadow is still vulnerable to distractions. Also, his ability to listen can be diminished by the bad quality of call or background noise.

Don’t get me wrong; call shadowing is still a useful practice to evaluate and monitor agents performance. However, it shouldn’t be used instead of call recording.


Let’s sum it up together! Whether your business makes sales calls or provides customer service, call recordings can be a valuable tool. A tool which can be used to improve customer service, train agents, comply with legal regulations and avoid any disputes with customers — even those which could result in a costly lawsuit.

With easy to use call recording software, storage space and security of files handled by providers there is no reason to say NO to call recordings. If your company deals with the customers daily, don’t think twice, try our call recording software with 14-day FREE (no credit card required) trial.

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